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Lax? Limbo? Or just plain lazy?

I've always been afraid of photographs. Of being in them. Of taking them. What if the lighting is all wrong? What if it looks ugly? What if nobody wants to ever eat what I make?
Maybe that's why it's taken me more than two years to write this first post. My friend N first created this blog for me in 2010, but I've been afraid. Very afraid. What if I run out of things to say? What if I lose my ability to cook? Is cooking like swimming or driving? What if I forget to post? What if I can't spell?
Just too many what ifs...

But after being stuck in a limbo for so many months (nearly 23!) , I've decided to conquer my fear. I will blog. I will try, atleast. If I fail, I'll take a photography class or buy an SLR.

And March is a great baking month for me. So many birthday cakes to bake. So many brunches to host. So many people to feed. So I think I'll be fine. At least this month.

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