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In a jam

Raspy raspberry jam ©Cookaroo

I don't often make jam only because I never have a glut of fruits. Most fruits in my house are either eaten, frozen or made into a dessert. Plus, when there are just the two of you, there's only that much fruit you can buy every week.

But jams, no jamming, always reminds me of my grandmother. She would jam anything. One of my first memories of her jams is of a peculiar marmalade, which apart from in my childhood I haven't tasted since. Oranges or was it tangerines or satsuma? Or was it a mix? Nevertheless, I do remember it being a part of the breakfast table throughout my summer vacations.

Last year, when the mango tree in our Chennai house bore, I don't know, 300 mangoes, she went into a rampage. She pickled mangoes, made two different kinds of squash - green and orange - and the ones she didn't giveaway, she chopped and froze for later use.

I missed the pickling/squashing season but when I went back home in June last year, I did get the last of the mango squash. And for her 85th birthday last year, I made her a fresh mango cake - from the frozen fresh mangoes ofcourse. And then I brought back with me 4 bottles of raw mango pickle which had to be distributed to all the relatives in Delhi.

I miss her. I miss home. I didn't make much of the raspberry jam that I am blogging about but I will take her a jarful when I go home in a couple of months. Because, jamming, always, always reminds me of her.

The best thing about raspberry jam is that it can be made free of preservatives and will last for 6 months in the refrigerator. This is because raspberries have a lot of pectin, so you don't need to add any extra pectin or citric acid.  Anyhoo, here goes.

Making a mess with the jam ©Cookaroo

Raspberry Jam
Ingredients200 gms frozen raspberry (If you have access to fresh please, please use. In Delhi this is the best I can do
1 lemon juiced
50-75 gms sugar
5 tablespoons water

Special equipment: a very cold small plate, a steel spoon and a sterlized jam jar

1. In a pan heat raspberry and lemon juice. Stir till the raspberry and lemon become pulpy yet runny. Cool.

2. Pass 3/4 of it through a sieve, so that you can remove most of the seeds. Put it back in the pan.

3. Add sugar and water and let the raspberry lemon mix bubble through.

4. Now, is when the jamming process actually begins and you need to be watchful. So after about five minutes of bubbling through, check the mix by lifting your spatula, if it drips down it has a couple minutes to go. If it stays on the spatula, take the cold plate and drop a bit on to it. Take the spoon and draw a line between the two, if the line stays for a couple of seconds then you're done. If not, let it bubble for a couple more minutes. All in all this process should take you 10 to 12 minutes at the most.

5. Once the jam is ready, let it cool. Ladle in to a sterlized jam jar. Once cool, refrigerate.

Note: To sterlize a jar, wash it well with hot water, and dry. Heat the oven to the highest and put the jar into it for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it sit till ready to use.

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  1. Ah! I've seen the frozen rasberries you're talking about - have been using the same brand of blueberries to make muffins. Am gonna give this a go & try your kit kat cake.
    Love the way you write!

    1. Thank you SS, and please you MUST tell me how they both turned out.

  2. Yummy! Love the photos and your writing.

  3. Thank you Ammu, so sweet of you to read :)

  4. I made it! I made! It is Y.U.M.M!! And in the process of making strawberry jam too!

  5. Awesome! I hope you put some citric acid in the strawberry jam, it'll help keep longer

  6. When I read the post, every thing written about your grand mom reminded me of mine :)) they are a bundle of energy and love to pamper grand kids with delicious goodies!
    Coming back to the jam, it looks delicious .. never tried with raspberries yet, have bookmarked it!