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Rated PG 16. Tipsy treats

The other day, while I was at dinner with a friend and her 'suitor', the conversation drifted to our very first drinking experience. Of course, this could also mean your first super drunk experience, but to me, it meant the first-time that I'd ever tasted any alcohol.

I was a year-and-a-half. And like all toddlers, didn't like going to sleep. So my father decided to spike my milk with a capful (thimble-ful maybe?) of Baileys Irish Cream and hoped to God that it would put me to sleep. It worked like a charm. And what-do-you-know - I loved it!

After that, much to my mother's disdain (disgust/irritation/insert any exasperated-like adjective here) I would ask for Baileys Paalaa (paal in Tamil/ Telugu means milk) every time I was sick of regular milk. It was my new favourite drink.

It's been like that for the last 30 years.

Of course, I wasn't given alcohol the day I turned 5, but I was allowed a sip or two of an after dinner liquor. In my teens I could drink a bit of Amrula or Amaretto over ice. Later, I could throw in a capful of Kahlua into my ice cream and even some Baileys in my cold coffee.

It wasn't much later, perhaps in my late teens, that I discovered that if you put alcohol in desserts it made it even better. A little Cointreau in the trifle, some coffee liquor in the Tiramisu, a rum sauce with plain cake or spiking a chocolate pudding with some vodka.

That is until I came across this book, about two years ago. I stumbled upon it while checking out a food blog. Can't remember which one. And just had to, HAD to order it. When I flipped through it, I realised that the book was actually written for me. Like it was my personal go-to book if I was having fun people over (which I do have all the time :) ).

Anyhoo, I haven't tried all the recipes in this book, not because I haven't wanted to, but because I forget. But whatever I've made out of this book, has always come out excellent.

As the name suggests Booze Cakes involves cooking with alcohol. A lot of the recipes involve baking with it as well. Which means that atleast 90 per cent of the booze evaporates in the oven. So it's not like, if you bake regularly from this book, you'll land up in Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a book of ideas, which is meant to inspire you and help you throw and excellent party.

The book is a very fun read as well. The instructions are simple and the pages carry a quirky booze-meter for each recipe. From Totally Tipsy to Light Weight to Feeling it. The authors have even specified the occasion you can bake for (I mean you can do whatever you want really, but it's good to listen to them once in a while).

The photographs are byoo-tee-ful. Really really attractive. And the book is broken down into four basic chapters - Classic Booze Cakes: Normal alcohol desserts. Cocktail Cakes: Based on cocktails. Cake Shots: Quick, cute party munchies, and Cakes with a Twist: Traditional recipes that have alcohol added. The best part is that the authors Krystina Castella and Terry Lee Stone have given you at least three or four variations that you can do with each recipe.

Some of my favourite recipes from this book which I've made over and over include

1. The Golden Rum Cake - A moist vanilla cake that is buttery and topped with a rum syrup. Tastes best the next day when all the flavours come together beautifully. I've also made a chocolate version of the same, where I've thrown in some cocoa powder and bitter chocolate to make a mind-blowing chocolate rum cake
2. Screwdriver cupcakes - Orange and vodka fairy cakes that can be frosted with vanilla or chocolate. Even the frosting is excellent.
3. Fuzzy navel cupcakes - Peach, orange and schnapps with roasted peaches. Truly truly divine.
4. Rum and coke whoopie pies - Mini cakelettes filled with marshmallow cream. I'm going to be making them tonight for dinner. They are super quick to put together.

This book is my friend. In fact when I was photographing it this morning, I had to clean it out a bit with a wet rag, 'coz God-knows-what-all I've dropped on it.

Available in India, US and UK.

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  1. Ha ha i know which friend r u talking abt ......

    1. Amrita, then you'd know the 'suitor' as well. :)

  2. Proof of the pudding is in the eating....lets get fooded (drink>>drunk....drunk on food>>fooded )when I am Delhi next...

  3. wheeee...bring the book and come along, macarooney!

    1. TS, I will, I will. There's a JD recipe too, must try that with you