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I don't think can ever stop thinking about food. My friends sometimes actually have to tell me to stop. No like, slap my hand, and tell me to really stop. I'm told I can think of whatever else I'd like (exercise, they hope) such as flowers, bags, cats whatever. So when I'm forced to think about other things, I try really hard not to think of what I want to eat for my next meal or what I can make so that I can feed someone else.

I try not to think about the menus that are out there in the world to explore, I try and not look at food blogs, I especially try hard not to remember how things taste and smell. I try hard not to read cookbooks or dream of recipes in my sleep. You get the drift.

There is one thing however, that does keep my mind off food. Sort of. And it's something that most girls love doing - shopping.

To me, shopping could mean any kind of shopping. Window shopping, buying new shoes, looking at makeup, buying things online. But the kind of shop that I can't wait to run into is the kinds that sell things for the kitchen and the table.

I love buying things for the kitchen (albeit the home), it makes me smile when I think of presenting food. I feel very happy that I am now grown up enough to own the things I like now. The thing with kitchen gadgets or food gadgets is that you can never stop buying them. Every time I bring home new measuring cups or spoons, the husband goes oh-but-you-have-so-many-of-these. My reply is standard: I don't have this one.

So keeping that in mind, here's a list of 12 things that I hope I'm going to own by the end of 2012. Trust me, some of them are really really cool.

1.  Apron Strings
Pink and white with a girlie bow, I'd skip the frosting though, if I were you. 

2. Philosophy of a knife
If burglar ever entered the kitchen, he'd know what he's up against.

3. Cow goes moo
Nothing like a set of jugs to beat the heat. Fill it up with milk, and then, you'll know what the real thing is

4. Of course, I'll marry you...
...just remember to pass me the salt.

5. Eat your vegetables
 Otherwise the story will never end. (But so cute! and in a set of six :) )

6. This little piggy...
... went to the market, couldn't do the jiggity-jig and ended up as a lid.

7.  I can't believe it's not butter
Just don't bite that toast when you run out of bread

8. Sliced-up nice 
This pizza cutter has been called Shear Genius. That my, friend, IS, sheer genius.

9. Dog days are over
I'd like to see someone wipe their hands without balking.


10. Who's laid that egg?
Would you could you eat that egg? Would you could you drink from that keg?

Technically the next two aren't really kitchen gadgets, but they were so cute.

11. Waffles for breakfast
You can buy a matching necklace and ring to make a complete set. And you know what's better? They smell exactly like maple syrup and butter. Two for the price of one

12. Smell and lose weight
This one should really make my personal weight watchers very happy. Just inhale the smells of cinnamon bun or peach cobbler or vanilla cupcake and feel full. Zero calories, my friend, zero calories

So that's a wrap. Feel free to buy me any of the above. I'll give you credit, I promise.

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  1. And where does some1 find all this stuff!!! esp 2,9, 10... good one Ru

  2. Vinay, click on the pix and you'll see :)

  3. I love this post.. i will buy you the waffle earrings and apron...

  4. hahha.....fantastic idea to collect gifts!