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Blast from the past. Vintage posters

Everyday I come across something bizarre to read. Considering the profession I’m in, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it’s my normal habit to skim through it put it back in my head somewhere. 

Sometimes I wish we lived in the world of Hogwarts where I could put my memories into a Pensieve, and take it out whenever I felt like.

Over the years, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to remember it all. So I started saving and labelling things in my mail. One of the things that I've saved have been old posters of food that I'd see (apparently my father used to do the same with television ads, in the sense he’d record it and keep.) and had totally forgotten about it until the other day, my friend Orange Kitchens did a post on vintage food posters, that triggered a memory – and I suddenly remembered I had all these food posters in my mailbox.

When I opened all of them I found 19 vintage posters of Coca Cola, 11 of Campbell soup and a dozen or so of Hersheys.  And so many others including Bird’s Custards, Cointreau, Vermouth, Kellogs, Burger King, et al.I don’t really recall the sources, but whenever I’d chance upon one, I’d just save and mail it to myself.

I figured it's Karma calling, so I feel its time to share some of my favourites with the world. I've only put the brands that people use today so that it's easy to related to. So here goes:

1. Heinz - Ketchup, Apple Cider and Tomato Soup yes! Everything else, can't get no more

2. Coca Cola - Yes they used bikinis to sell, even back them (and she's so pretty!)

3. Tabasco - I'm not sure whether I'd have ever bought this after looking at this. Wish I could shop at a first class grocer

4.Wrigley's Gum - Still don't get the obsession with jesters

5. McDonald's - So Flintstonesque. And we get to drive to Manesar :(

6. Kellogs - Made me wonder if they've changed the recipe at all

7. Budweiser - Look! More jesters, or is this Dorothy of Wizard of Oz?

8. Cadbury's - I can do with a elf of my own. Rich in cream, I believe

9.Campbell's - I love this one. So fresh and inviting. I want to give the illustrator a hug

10.Del Monte - I don't think I'm going to eat this cake ever.

11.Nescafe - There are lots of Nescafe posters, but this one made me laugh - the poem especially - the copyrighters must have had a busy day:
"There's no other coffee today
As good as the new Nescafe
Its flavour beats ground
Saves money per pound"

12. Seven -up - How does this baby land up drinking 7-up I don't know, but look! So Mad Menesque

So that's a wrap, send me some posters, if you have any.

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  1. oh yeah i wish for a pensieve sometime too too much to remember :P and lovely collection

  2. Nice compilation. And the coca-cola girl's antique bikini would now be considered a complete outfit..considering today's styles :-)