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Cooking (or not!) from The Hungoevr cookbook

I haven't made a thing from this cookbook. So why am I talking about it at all? Because it makes me laugh. 

This is the book that lies by my bedside on most days. This is the book that I take with me to bed, when I'm feeling particularly exhausted and need a laugh. I mean how can you not laugh at things like

I can read that quote over and over, still giggle when I think about it. I mean seriously, that's an excellent retort. Winston Churchill was smart!

This book was a part of my b'day package from my friend N. She wrote me an inscription that only she and I get - that it makes me chuckle too. To be a part of a secret in the public eye - hiding in plain sight. 

It's not that I haven't wanted to cook from this book, I have. But my question to Milton Crawford, the author, is do I HAVE to be hungover to make most of the things? If so, then I've  never been in that situation. No, no. I've been hungover - but not when I can find the cookbook. 

Because mostly, when I have a hangover, I hope a pill, drink some buttermilk and go back to sleep - only to emerge feeling worse. So then I repeat the whole process again. Pop, drink, sleep - till I feel better. Which is almost always the day after.

The thing that really makes me laugh, is the pop quiz before the whole cookbook thing starts. The first page of the quiz looks something like this:

How many legs does that elephant have? The rest of the test is equally bizarre - How does your head feel? How does your stomach feel? How many dots on that picture - things that will certain send a sober person into a tailspin let alone a hungover one.

Once you're done with your test - you reach your diagnosis and you figure whether you're a Broken Compass, a Sewing Machine, a Comet, an Atomic, a Cement Mixer or the Gremlin Boogie (which for the longest time I kept reading as Gremlin Booger - which made no sense).

Crawford's described each stage in great detail and has explained what happens if you're feeling everything together. What you're supposed to feel, how you're supposed to behave - really it's great reading material. And because he's so helpful he's given out recipes according to how you're feeling and labelled it according to the level of difficulty. The recipes are such that if you have a bigger hangover, you've got to head straight to the end of  the book - that's where you'll find the quickest recipes.

I want to try a number of them. The chorizo omlette sounds deadly, the French toast with banana compote does too. As does the fish finger sandwich. Shakshuka and Huevos Rancheros have been on my to-do list for years - I can never find everything when I need it. So this is definitely going to be made.

One of them I have already tried - if you eat it more than thrice in your life - your arteries will surely clog by the time you're 45 and you may need an angioplasty soon. And that is (drum roll) The Elvis Presley Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon sandwich. Crawford calls it a sandwich of 'dubious taste' but as one who as tried it - I find is extremely delicious and reallly rich. (This coming from me - is serious business). I made only half of this sandwich and could barely eat more than half of the half. 

Some like the egg bhurji, lime soda, lemon lassi, smoothies - I make those pretty much all the time - so they'll go to the back of the list for me. But the one I am going to make super soon is the caramelised onion and feta scrambled egg. It sounds absolutely divine. And I'm going to make it - hungover or not. 

There are no photographs in the book - just illustrations, which are really quite cute - and look pretty much like how they're suppose to.

But this book, is all about the writing. Because Crawford can be very fun through out. So this book is pretty much for people you are a. hungover b. cookbook collectors. c. those who want a book to talk about.

Crawford says in this book - that these recipes are mostly for hungover chefs (I think I'd fit that bill.) The real question has to be however - can you really make any of this while you're hungover.

I should hope so. I'd like that very much.

The book is available in IndiaUS and UK

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  1. Drink buttermilk to combat them russian carpenters in the head, I get. What's this about you HOPE a pill? :D

  2. Lucky for you, I didn't say Pope - that would have been hara kiri