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Lotus stem cutlets and feeling stressed

Have you ever felt that you’ve got to do sooo much and you have barely enough time? Or that you’re so stretched that you’re praying that the day doesn’t end? You know how when your checklist is never-ending, when someone always always has to be called back, when 24 hours seem very little?

No? Ok, well, I’m feeling like that today. Like the whole world’s burden is on my shoulders. Ugh.

So as I rush through my day ticking things away at the speed of light, I am left with only one thought - What should I eat today? And that sort of does it. I have to stop working and rush off to procrastinate some more. I need an idli, something crisp, a cold coffee, some bread, maybe a piece of chocolate. Ok now I'm rambling.

So, how do YOU cope on a day like this?
I don’t know about you but I’m running off to eat something nice.

Crisp Talk ©Cookaroo

Nadir  Monjvor aka Lotus Stem Cutlets
Adapted from Sarla Razdan’s Kashmiri Cuisine through the ages. Available in IndiaUS and UK

500gms /1.1 lb Lotus stem (kamal kakri) washed
1 tsp  dried ginger powder
2 tsp red chilli powder
2 tsp rice flour/ corn flour
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


1. Clean the lotus stem in running water. Grate and remove excess water

2.  In a bowl mix the grated lotus stem, ginger powder, rice flour, red chilli powder and salt.

3. Divide the mixture into equal portions and shape into small balls and flatten slightly.

4. At this stage they can be refrigerated for 8 hours. Otherwise heat oil for deep frying  and fry the patties till brown and crisp.

5. Serve hot as a snack or a part of a multicourse meal.

Note: These taste fantastic with rice. They freeze very well. In case you’re freezing them, make sure you freeze individually and then put it together in a ziplock bag. Do not thaw before frying. They can be frozen for 4 months.

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  1. Are these, the same as Nadru Kebabs?

  2. Arch, yes they are the same, except there's another recipe for kebabs where they are griled or pan-fried. But this one is very yum

  3. Thank you Nimpipi, just you image I didn't have to send for approval so how confident I was

  4. Ohh I am so Jealous of you. You can buy nadur. All I get here is frozen nadur rounds.. so Jealous :|

    I have never made them grated.. except in kebabs.. i think the frozen ones might do better if I minced them.. thanks for the idea

    1. :) let me know whenever you want a goodie bag, send you some nadru and haak :)

  5. I will try this this weekend. But Ruch, is there anything like a season for lotus stems to find in the market. And HAPPY HOLIDAY! Try all the foods you can for my sake. :)

    1. Mimi! We're going to miss you... and best time to buy lotus stem is the winter, but if go to the mandi definetely get some awesome ones even now