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An Ode to cheese

And in continuation to yesterday's post, more adulation for cheese.

Dear Cheese,

You are my nemesis but I love you.
If you were any closer, I’d eat you.
Even though you go straight to my hips
I carry on nibbling and drink our friend,
wine in between, in sips

Some like Milton
I like Stilton
Others are worried about the weather
I only care for sharp cheddar

When I see you I feel pretty stoked
Coz I like you fresh, processed and smoked
Asiago, Parmesan and Gruyere
Wait up, I'm right here

I know I've got a lot of flack
For eating a pound of Colby-Jack
But people have no clue
How awesome is a Danablu

They tell me, you're committing a sin
But I say, can you pass me the Boursin
No I'm not being rude-a
Why don't you just have a slice of gouda

Oh why, why do I like you so much
I think it's because you never let me go Dutch
And you never make me feel too old 
Especially to eat a toast with Cougar Gold

Or too full to eat a Stinking Bishop
Even if I'm having the hic-cup
Very often I'm told 'Hey Miss,
Could you let go of that Swiss'?
But I'd rather put up a fight
Because when it's about cheese I'm always right.

Hooney Macarooney

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