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Paan ice cream. Cheat's version

 Say aaaa © Cookaroo

I've got to write this quickly, before my ice-cream melts completely. Before I'm left with a milky pool of betel-leafy, fennel-seedy gunk.

I've got to write this quickly since the weather is just so warm. And the sun shining down on my ice-cream is making my hands shake and my photographs go all funky.

I've got to write this quickly because I want to eat this too. And I possibly can't do it without sharing it with you.

I've got to write this quickly as it was a quick dessert to make and I can't stop my self from licking the blender and my spoon.

I've got to write this quickly... oh hell forget it...here goes:

Paan icecream

1 liter store-bought vanilla ice-cream 
3 store-bought paans
Must include the following:
Betel leaf (paan ka patta)
Saunf (Fennel seeds)
Gulkand (Rose petal preserve)
Soft betel nuts
(all the other things are great just make sure you don't put sweet cherries, coconut and hard supari/betelnuts)


1. Let the vanilla icecream sit on your counter for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Put the paans in a food processor, whiz it till its finely chopped.

3. Add the icecream to it and blend till incorporated completely. (You might have to do half and half).

4. Put the mix into a closed box. Freeze overnight.

5. Serve with mukhwaas or extra betel-nut leaf.

Ugh... too late

Uh-oh ©Cookaroo

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  1. Who would have imagined a paan infused ice-cream. Not me at least. Wonder how many creative people are there across this blog sphere who are not afraid to experiment. Even the Ben & Jerry's, Hagen Daaz n Baskin Robbins would not have thought of this mighty combo. Looks delish. Hope you enjoyed it QUICKLY !



    1. Thanks Satrupa, I did try but my husband beat me to it, rather quickly :)

  2. Loved it !!!nice flavoured icecream and so quickly and easily..loved your cheat version:)

  3. Lovely! Now where do I go to find some meetha pan in the US?!!


    1. Aparna! You can get dried paan leaves (soaked in water for a bit), gulkand and saunf - more or less the same effect :) All available in the US...

  4. Feel like grabbing it right now and licking it off....so yum....

  5. aha!! yeh hui na baat.. very nice

  6. Lovely.. you are so creative.. other posts are also nice..

    1. thanks n you for nayana... thank you for reading

  7. Do you blend in gulkand, fennel as well or is it only a garnish?