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Cheese boards. Crazy cheese lady is I - Part 2

I meant to do a different post, but really didn't have the time to upload the pix. So am going back to something I love. I told you didn't I? I really am the crazy cheese lady

For me, it's hard to resist pretty things for the home. But one thing, I love buying are cheese boards. How can one have enough cheeseboards ? (Or glasses, or cake platters or plates... you get the drift). 

I don't think I can give up material goods, there are just such pretty things out there. So here's a list of some of quirkiest cheeseboards that I've seen and my heart beats for them. Some of it is so DIY able but for others, I continue to lust. So here goes

1. Chalk or cheese

2. Lazy susan or tiery susan?

3. Cheesy in my bottle
4. The board with the hole

5.  Ceramic - cheese's new BFF

6.  For the Schroeder in you

7. My favourite! (And guess what! I got one too :) Thanks NC and SSC)

8. Practical, convenient and Awe-freaking-some

9. I'm not sure about this one - weighing scale look-a-like? But I love the knives!

10. Basket case

11. Tom and Jerry redux

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  1. Some of these are really interesting. Loved the lazy susan, board with holes and the basket case.


  2. oh...wow..wat a lovely collection...love to own them all..:D
    Tasty Appetite

  3. ruchi you should write a cheesy biography or something!! you are such a pro at cheese!!

    1. Ah! Anusha! Can't tell you how much we'd love that :)