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Sugar cookies that say Happy birthday

Today is a double whammy day for me - it's my aunt VB's and brother's birthday. If we were in Chennai right now we'd be celebrating it a lot different. But here... All I can say is Happy Happy Birthday to two people I love very much:

Rainbow balloons
So here I am sending them virtual sugar cookies, some a little tan, some a little scary because I. Freaking. Can't. Ice. You heard me, I suck at frosting - this despite owning writing icing. My hand is unsteady and I am always, always in a hurry.

But don't get me wrong. These cookies taste amazing. Plain simple and awesome, they are from one of my favourite blogs Sweetapolita and I've used her recipe for the perfect sugar cookies. I just halved it and you can find the recipe here. I realised a couple of things while baking them

1. Try and put even sized cookies for baking - otherwise some get very tan
2. Do freeze the cookies before baking they spread very little.

For my brother - since the guitar is his current passion - I give him - Guitar cookies

Dil main bhajee guitar © Cookaroo
And then these guitars are gently weeping, because I really messed up the icing

Weeping crying, but yummy © Cookaroo
For VB - I've made her a very tanned baby owl. Which is essentially because she's a night bird and is forever tanned because of swimming

Hoot hoot © Cookaroo
And then I decided to make her a bigger owl, you know because she's always been the bigger owl to me

What big eyes you have grandma © Cookaroo

With the rest of the cookie dough, I wanted to make one for my husband too, whose birthday it is tomorrow. It looks something like this:

 Who? © Cookaroo
 I think it looks like Jesus Christ. You know the one at Rio de Janeiro, except with his hands folded. When I told him I wanted to make him Lord-shaped cookies, he looked horrified.  Blasphemy he said. He don't get no humour. On the other hand, I will float this idea to his cousin, who is a pastor and has the most brilliant sense of humour. I'm sure he'll ask him to bring some the next time we go to Church. 

And so I let him have his pick with the cutters

Take your pick ©Cookaroo
He picked a flower. 

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  1. Lovely. You icing skills aren't that bad. Check out my Halloween cupcakes and then you can reassess your skills ;-). http://squaremeals.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-cupcakes.html


  2. :) ullu ka patta was funny, in a creative way :)

    never had someone baking for me, thankfully!imagine...

    1. :) I love baking for people. I think it's a really fun way to show your love

  3. lovely cookies..ullu ka patta :)

    1. Hahaha ya, ever since I've had those cookie cutter, that's all i've wanted to do :)

  4. har har hardy har har.. on the flower of course..