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Banoffee pie to share

Jar Jar Binks © Cookaroo

There's a lot I have to say about Banoffee pies. For one, the first time I ever ate this pie was in New York. I was standing in the middle of Times Square, waiting for a Broadway show to begin and I had an hour to kill. So I decided to walk into what I thought was a coffee shop (I cannot remember which one) where I saw people eating all kinds of pies - Strawberry pie, lemon meringue, apple pie, pumpkin pie, peach tarts with raspberries, coconut cream pie, chocolate pies.

I ofcourse, wanted to try something new, something different. And the banoffee pie caught my eye. Especially because there was dulce de leche in it (which by then, I had come to love, eating all sorts of ice cream).

The stickiness of the dulce against the gooeyness of the banana and the crunch of the biscuit bottom was awesome. I did smudge off some of the cream, but yes, finished eating most of it.

Much later, when I watched the movie Love Actually, Kiera Knightley offered it to her 'silent' lover and then I remember much later, Mr Sanghvi writing a column about it.

The best place though, in Delhi to eat the Banoffee has always been Big Chill. That is also where my husband tried it for the first time. Ever since that, it's really been his favourite dessert.

I don't make it that often, only because making the Dulce de leche is so tedious. I do however, like to make it when people are coming over. And this short cut way of making it, really does change my mind. A whole tin will make you a 6-inch pie plus this. So really you have to play it by the ear.

So while the bigger pie was wiped out clean, this pie for one, is for tonight. For the husband.

Although I did take a bite © Cookaroo
Banoffee pie (to share)
Serves 1

6 digestive biscuits (or marie) crushed
1 tsp melted butter
4 tblsp dulce de leche (1 tin of condensed milk and 2 tblsp of milk)
1 banana
4 tblsps whipped cream
Grated chocolate for the top

1. Crush the digestive biscuits with a rolling pin and add melted butter to it. Press it down into your single pan. Or into the jar. Let it chill for one hour.

2. Make the Dulche De Leche by emptying the tin of condensed milk into a large microwable bowl. Microwave on high for 4 minutes, if the bowl threatens to boil over. Turn it off, give it a stir. Turn the microwave back on, and let it thicken for another 3 minutes. Totally the dulce de leche should take under 10 minutes. If it's browning too quickly, yank it out of the microwave and set it aside to cool.

3. Once the dulce de leche cools (about 20 minutes), run it in a blender with 2 tblsp of milk, until smooth. Set aside.

4. Whip the cream and allow it to stand in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Bring out the tin with biscuits. Layer it with the dulce de leche. Slice the bananas and arrange in a layer. Top with whipped cream . Let it chill for atleast 1 hour before eating.

5. Serve with chocolate shavings.

I am also sending this to Amina's Guest Quest, also because today's the last day for the entries :)

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  1. Aww, one for the husband. Man, he must have done some real good in his previous birth to have a wife that keeps making him one delicious thing after another! Nice post, again.

  2. Yummmm.. nice post and love the fact that this serves 1 ( I can ask better half to eat it and take one bite to escape the calories)

    1. Exactly my point! That was the idea, at least would have eaten it mildly guilt free

  3. Wow, this looks too gud,never tasted it yet - but a big fan of condensed milk so sure have to try


  4. hooney when i m in that sour mood, i always resort to a banana ... and when i m in a happy mood too cos only banana can cheer me up now you give me this beautiful beautiful pie in that cute as a button jar of yours.. sadly i cant make one cos no bananas at home :)

    1. Awwww thank you. And hullo! Don't you like live in the land of bananas. (I just live with people who are bananas)

  5. wow... pie looks fantastic... thanks for linking with Guest quest...

  6. Lovely pie. Love your idea dulce making idea. O congrats on the award.

    1. Thank you!!! Whatever saves me time is considered is time well-spent!

  7. I've been making D de L forever, but in the pressure cooker which takes almost 40 minutes. I have to try this out, especially given the limited cooking gas scenario :)