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Bournvita Kulfi and trying to figure out recipes

 Now who's a complan boy? © Cookaroo
A couple of weeks ago, when my friend Mr M moved from Hyderabad to Delhi, he took me and the husband out for dinner. We were to do of recces of hotels around a certain area, where he was planning on doing some work. When we landed in Radisson Blu, not only were we taken aback at the expanse of the hotel, but the food too was really surprising.

While we ordered the regular Dal, roti, chicken thing, the dessert menu really caught our eye. There was this Thandai brulee, a beetroot halwa and a bournvita kulfi. When we ordered the kulfi, we were told that it needed to thaw a bit, so well, basically hang on to your horses.

As the husband excused himself for a couple of minutes, the dessert was brought to our table, within a few bites, Mr M and I knew it was a great dessert, and a couple of minutes later polished the whole thing off. And then we looked at each other, should we or should we not order another one? Well, we said, what he doesn't know he hasn't missed, and then promptly ordered another one.

Another kulfi arrived as did the husband. Mr M and I shared knowing looks as we let him help himself to the kulfi. It's really quite nice, he said. And as if on cue, we both attacked it with our spoons.

Ever since then, I've been wanting to recreate it at home. I bought the kulfi moulds, condensed milk and full fat milk. I love Bournvita, so that's always at home. Finally last night, I decided to jump at it.

I tried to recreate it with the flavours I remembered, your welcome to try your own concoction :) But, I must tell you, this was awesome!

Oh for some malt © Cookaroo

Bournvita Kulfi
Serves 12

1 litre full fat milk
200 ml low fat cream
2 tblsps corn flour
100 grams Bournvita, plus more if you like it stronger
1 tblsp Cocoa Powder
2 tblsp Sugar (more if you like it sweeter) or substitute with condensed milk


1. Bring one litre of milk to the boil, let it simmer and reduce to half. Add bournvita, cocoa and sugar to it and let it dissolve well.

2. In a small bowl mix cornflour with half the cream, till it forms a thick paste. Add to the milk mix and add the remaining cream to it. Stir till the mixture thickens.

3. Check for sweetness. Let it cool and scoop into kulfi moulds. Freeze for atleast 8 hours before serving with some melted bournvita bits

Note: The milk reduction will helps keep the crystals in the kulfi/icecream away.

I'm also sending this for the Ice Cream Blog Hop. so here goes :)

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  1. Very interesting... only if I wast not on a diet :(( maybe after a couple of months!!

    1. Gauri it has two spoons of sugar and you can omit the cream if you want! Hullo that's not an excuse enough!

  2. Yum yum...looks gr8 and sounds gr8 too...am gonna try this for sure :)

  3. Nice.
    What have you drizzled on the kulfi?
    Must have been yum.

    1. Sangeeta its just some bournvita and water syrup, make it more bournvitaish

  4. Now thats innovative - absolutely loved the bournvita idea :) Your pictures are so tempting & real dear,super like


  5. Oh yum yum Kulfi..


  6. Will Try! Looks Soooooo Yum!!!! But .... Is it okay , If you can post some recipes Having Gelatine! I like baking with gelatine!

    1. Thanks Dhruvi, can't bake with gelatin though, I'll send you some recipes to try

  7. Very Tempting n innovative...u have a nice blog..happy to follow ur lovely space..

  8. wow..thats mouthwatering n beautiful presentation..:)
    Tasty Appetite

    1. thanks Jay, from you that's a hell of a compliment

  9. I love kulfi and this is such a new combination :-)

  10. Hi Hooney! Just tried this out for Blog Hop! I got unbelievable results!!! Thanks so much! :)