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South Indian Food Festival at Blooms, Eros by Hilton

So here's the thing. If you have good company, chances are you'll ignore some of the glitches in food. What I mean is, if the fish is too fishy, you won't make too much of a noise. Nor would you squawk about how the coconut rice was well, not coconutty enough or how the desserts are cloyingly sweet and only one out of the five even taste mildly authentic.

Naa, you wouldn't talk about it. Instead you'd talk about the good things that you are eating. Like how delicious the mor (buttermilk) is and just to stress on it's excellence drink up well, six-seven cups of this cool, yogurt-based drink that's been spiced with some coriander and has curry leaves in it.

Mor for me! © Cookaroo
And then chew on the fried salty snacks, because hey, no one gets appalams, vadams and  vazhapzham chips wrong. But what you do hope, is that they are no store-bought but hand-made hopefully by the chef-incharge.

Crunch time © Cookaroo
Or you can help yourself to the salads - Koshambari, which is one of my favourite salads, made with split yellow lentils and some carrots and some lime

Lime and Lemony © Cookaroo
Or Sundal!  A boiled chickpea snack with shredded coconuts and a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves. I don't know a single south Indian, who wouldn't have eaten this as a snack or as prasad in a temple.

Lime and Lemony © Cookaroo
And if you're still pursuing that fried line of thought, you can eat a number of South Indian spiced seafood dishes which are pretty awesome. Like this jumbo prawn with a semolina crust

I am not an upma, whats an upma © Cookaroo

Or this fish that is freshly marinated Kerala-style

I got eyes on you © Cookaroo
But when it comes to the main course, the only thing you can recommend from the spread is the Allepey Prawn Curry, the appam and the Malabar Parota. And you know why? Because everything else is / was boderline average. I am not going to ask you to eat the Kaadai Varuval, or the chicken stew or cabbage poriyal (how do you get something so simple so wrong!). Even the desserts are a damper. Mysore Pak, nocansdosville babydoll, Goudmei halwa (karachi halwa) wasn't too bad but the Elaneer Payasam (which they called Ellini Payasam) really ruined it for me.

So yes, that's what happened to me at the South Indian Food Festival at Blooms in Eros managed by Hilton. Except I am not complaining. Heck, this was the first time I was at a Delhi's Food Blogger's Meet and I met some awesome people. Such as Sangeeta, Sushmita, Charis, Rekha and well, Sid (who've known for a while now) so actually had a blast. And yes, there was some good things to eat

Rhomba Nandri © Cookaroo

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  1. Looks like the company saved the day!!
    The fish looks very tempting though, better lick next time :))

  2. Agree. Good company helps concentrate on the good things only.
    It was nice to met you Ruchira :-)

  3. yeah..good company made us a bit more sympathetic or rather ignorant towards food!!

  4. yeah..good company made us a bit more sympathetic or rather ignorant towards food!!
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