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Barbecue Chicken Burgers

Ever since I can remember, we’ve been eating burgers at home. . Not the industrial Mc Donalds type (which are fine some days) but the one’s with a super burger patty, nice crisp vegetables, a bit of mayo, some mustard and a bit of slaw on the side.

All kinds of patties come to my mind – potatoes and peas (more like a cutlet), tapioca pearls and potatoes (my grandma’s favourite), mixed vegetables, lentil and beans and chicken with vegetables, plain chicken and deep fried chicken patties.

I remember my father grilling burgers for my friends when they were over for lunch. I remember my mother making sure that we eat something, mash vegetables with some bread and potatoes, and serve it to us with fresh slices of bread. I remember how the veggie cutlet would be on rota week in and week out at our house in Chennai.

Burgers were our mess-free DIY kinda dinners. So when I got married, it just made sense to continue eating dinner like how I’d always known.

The first time I’d made burgers – chicken and vegetables - at home, my husband was rather surprised. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do or how he was supposed to eat it. When I presented him with some ice cold lettuce, some sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, he looked positively confused.

How am I supposed to eat this, he asked me. I told him, what I knew – slice open the burger bun, slather some mayo, maybe some mustard, put the patty on top, a slice of cheese on that and then some vegetables. If you like you can eat it with some ketchup on the side, I told him.

He followed the instructions. Made him first DIY burger. Ate it in four bites. And promptly proceeded to make another one and eat it too.

Ever since then, we make burgers, once, sometimes twice a month at least. I make different kinds of burgers – chickpea with vegetables, grilled chicken with mushrooms and red peppers, chicken with blue cheese and caramelised onion, mutton patties – the list is quite endless.

I find making burgers out of left-over meat really quite useful. So when five barbecue chicken wings made it to my refrigerator, I knew exactly what I wanted to with them.

I shredded the chicken and let them simmer with some of the leftover barbecue sauce. Then I made a simple slaw – carrots and cabbage and sliced some onions. And that was that. Simple, fast and easy.
We ate these for lunch a couple of days ago. They were extremely satisfying.

Barbecue chicken burger

Leftover barbecue chicken. Recipe here                                                      
Extra barbecue sauce. Recipe here

Add the shredded chicken to the barbecue sauce, add ¼ cup water and the remaining sauce to a pan, simmer it for 8-10 minutes, until the chicken softens.

For the coleslaw
1 cup shredded cabbage
¼ cup grated carrot
4 tblsp mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste

Add all the ingredients in a bowl. Set aside until assembly

Sliced vegetables of your choice – I used an onion

Slice the burger bun from the centre. Put the bottom part the right side up. Spoon in the barbecue chicken with a bit of the sauce

Spoon over a couple of teaspoons of the coleslaw. 

Add the sliced onions to it.

. And put the top half of the burger. And that’s it – it’s burger time. 

So I'm sending this to Patty's Weekly Story at Colours Dekor. Issa yum

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  1. The burger looks so juicy and mouthwatering, am tempted to make some at home. I also like the idea of homemade burgers, this way I can have my own dressing just the way I want it!

    1. I love the Hard Rock Cafe Burger as well. As well as from Nirulas, but with homemade you can fill it up with anything you feel like!