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Oat pancake with apple jam filling. And maple syrup

See the picture above? It's mine!! All mine. Two litres of this golden beautiful syrup. Mine! Mine! Mine! Straight from a farm in Canada, pure, no super pure, medium grade Maple Syrup. Did I mention it's all for me?

Two weeks ago, when my in laws returned from visiting relatives in Canada, this was what came in their goodie bag for me! No, actually, it was more like I demanded, and they happily obliged. And for that I am ever so grateful. 

Ever since the jug has been sitting pretty in my fridge, I've been wondering what I want to make first with it. Maple glazed chicken? Apple and maple flapjacks? Or plain old fashioned pancakes with with butter and maple syrup. I'd been gazing wistfully at it wondering if I should break the seal or wait to throw a big brunch at home and share it with people I love. Unfortunately for them, I found the syrup impossible to resist. 

After a day or two of deliberation, I finally broke it open, poured my self some syrup and shot-glassed it. Reaching for my second helping, I figured making something might make more sense than just pouring it down my throat. 

A quick check in the pantry, saw that I had lots of oats and a little jam and thus came a simple solution - breakfast it was going to be. I use the same techniques that I use for my Banana oats muffin  - soaking the oats in milk for a couple of minutes before adding the rest of the mix to it. The pancakes turned out lovely  - light and fluffy. And the jam made it quite sublime, making it burst with flavours.

Oh and the maple syrup? It was like drinking molten sunshine. It really was. 

Oats pancakes with apple jam filling and maple syrup
Makes 8 small pancakes

1\2 cup instant oats
1 cup milk
1 tblsp oil
1\2 tsp salt
1 tblsp sugar
1\2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1\2 maida
Apple clove jam or jam of ur choice

1/4 cup maple syrup for drizzling and dunking

1. In a bowl mix oats and milk together and set aside. Measure the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Whisk the egg in a bowl. 

2. Add oil to the oats mix, the egg and all the dry ingredients. Stir. Keep aside for half an hour before making the pancakes.

3. To make the pancakes: In a flat pan, rub a bit of butter and ladle in the mixture into small circle. 

4. Add a dollop of the jam and put a spoonful of mix on top of the jam. After 3 minutes, flip it to the other side.

5. Stack em up and pour over some maple syrup. Fork 'em

I'm sending this to Fuss Free Flavours Breakfast Club Challenge. Such fun!

Oh and by the by I won an award at from Amina Creations from her Guest Quest challege for my Banoffee Pie in a jar recipe. You can check the recipe here.

So yay for me! Here's to a happy weekend!

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  1. Can I come over?? Its so tempting!

  2. Would definitely like this molten sunshine on my breakfast plate. More my husband in fact :-)

  3. I was planning to make pancakes over the weekend...now I want some of that maple syrup :-)

  4. molten sunshine- the maple syrup is all that and much more; that's one breakfast I wouldn't mind digging into unabashed !

  5. pan cakes look amazing... the addition of maple syrup surely would have added a wonderful taste to the pan cakes...

  6. these pan cakes look really great.
    First time here and following you.


    1. Thanks Raksha, must see what you've been doing too