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Pineapple Upside Down Marble Cake. For Blog Hop Wednesdays

Have I told you lately, that I've been having a great time on Radhika from Ticking Palate's Blog Hop Wednesdays? It's where she pairs up bloggers every month to see what creation comes out of each others kitty.

This month I was paired with Jay of the awesome blog Sizzling Veggies and truth is because of all the lovely vegetarians recipes she has on her blog, I was tempted to try something new. I should I tried out some of the fun vegetable recipes, but I settled to bake a cake.

You see I very rarely bake without eggs, and I thought this way I'd challenge myself and see where that takes me, so I tried one of my favourite cakes - the Pineapple Upside down to see if I could do it.

And this is what I got from it

Upside down, not topside up © Cookaroo
I tweaked the recipe only a tiny bit, adding cake flour instead of regular flour. I also used pineapple juice instead of water. I added some almonds and food colouring to get that marbled effect and I was quite happy with it over all. The cake was moist, it was quite lovely too

Pineapple Upside Down Marble Cake with Almonds. Adapted from Sizzling Veggies

1 small tin Pineapple slices
5-6 Tbsp Light Brown Sugar for caramelisation
2 cups  Cake flour  ( 2 cups of all purpose flour minus 3 tblsp plus 3 tablespoon corn flour)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking soda
3/4 cup Soda
½ tsp Vanilla Essence
100 gms butter  (room temperature)
1 tin (400g) Sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup Pineapple juice
¼ cup chopped almonds
4 drops yellow food colouring
4 drops orange food colouring

1. Preheat the oven at 350F
2. Grease an 9” diameter round cake pan with butter. Arrange the pineapple slices at the base of the pan.
3. Heat sugar in a pan, becomes brown. Pour this hot caramel onto the pineapple slices and leave aside.
4. Beat butter and sweetened condensed milk well. Add vanilla or pineapple essence and mix well.
5. Sieve together all purpose flour, baking powder and baking soda and keep aside.
6. Add a portion of flour mixture to the condensed milk mixture, beat well. Add a portion of aerated soda and pineapple juice to the condensed milk mixture and beat well. Repeat this process alternating flour and aerated soda until both the flour and soda are used, starting and ending with flour.
7. Add chopped almonds. Divide the batter into two. Add yellow colouring into one, and orange in another.
7. Put tablespoons of batter into the prepared cake pan and then with a knife create a marbelling effect. Bbake at 180 degree centigrade for 35 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven.
8. Remove from oven, loosen sides of cake using a knife and immediately turn onto a plate.

Cake! © Cookaroo

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  1. Am going to try this Ruchira :-)

  2. Loved this.I also baked pineapple upside down cake last month:)

  3. Yummm, this looks very delicious!
    I had made a Mango upside down cake, turned out great!

  4. yummy moist cake
    1st time here .do visit my site

  5. this looks so good - love the marbled effect

    1. Thanks Mireille, always trying to figure out how to up the ante

  6. Love the marble effect you've made Ruchira. The cake has come out so well and I'm glad you liked the recipe. Jayanthi(www.sizzlingveggies.com)

    1. Aww! And thank you for the fun recipe to try out. Such fun

  7. The texture is just brilliant and like the idea of using pineapple juice instead of water.

  8. Yummy cake....has turned out beautifully.

    1. Thank you Kaveri, such a fun thing this blog hop

  9. I have always loved Pineapple Cakes and this seems to be a nice treat :)

    Love the spiral slice n top.

  10. This pineapple cake is a favourite... you have baked it to perfection.

  11. Hi Hooney, congrats in ur profile in todays TOI. Quick question- why dis u add soda to the cake? Was d soda added becoz we r going veg here?

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you Joel. I normally don't ever do eggless cakes, so this was a challenge for me. The soda helps aerate the cake and makes it light and moist - which is why you'll see a lot of eggless cakes have things like Pepsi and Sprite or plain carbonated water to it.