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Pinterest Picks: Kitchen gadgets I love

The thing with Pinterest is that you find so many pretty thing in the world that you want to own them all. It's hard not to want them, especially when things are so cute and useful. And while some can be bought, the other's are pretty much Do-It-Yourself. And I feel terrible because I am so awful with my hands. 

Which is why for this month's picks I am listing all the things I want and I think are awesome! And in case you want to follow me on Pinterest, here I am.

1. Mini cupcake maker

2. Citrus Coasters

3. Write Plate (I totally love this one)

4. Key board cups

5. Owl Tea Cosy Set

6. Funky Pastry Brush

7. Soup and Cracker Mug

8. Piggy Grater

9. Milk Bottle Measuring cups

10. Pixel Oven gloves

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  1. These gadgets are soo cute :)) I am slowly turning into a bit time pinner!!

  2. All these are so adorable. I especially loved the soup and cracker mug :-)


    1. Me too! Love the Cracker cup and the write plate I'm gonna do at home

  3. Wow, seriously I want them all. Good selection :)

    1. Thanks Shweta! I have like fallen in love with it all

  4. awesome stuff, are they available online for purchase??

  5. OMG! Cool How I have evr so badly wanted them! Hope I get hold of atleast one of these someday! And Ruchira Bu! I think I kno wat to gift You now!!