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Spaghetti Rolls

Noodle goodness © Cookaroo
Have you ever eaten something that you've instantly loved at someone's house, asked for the recipe and instantly forgotten how to make it? Have you ever had to just rely on your memory, on your taste buds to recreate something you liked?

That's what happened to me with these rolls. I mean I could have called and asked, but it would have been awkward. No really, it would have been. Especially because this is a friends's ex mother-in-law.

Don't get me wrong. I'm friends with both. Just better friends with one. And I did eat a lot at their house when they were married, but it just well, felt wrong. So I had to rely on my memory of the food. I tried to Google the recipe, but either I was searching all wrong or it isn't up in the online world (this I resume to believe).

Then I sat down, and tried to dig deep into my memory. Just to recall what all the Friend's XMIL had said. It came back to me in bits. The bechamel has to be thick, super thick, don't add any water to it. Add lots of coriander. Cut the pasta. That's it. I couldn't remember anything else.

One of the reasons I was keen on making these, was because I had a whole lot of boiled spaghetti in the fridge. I had to do something fast. So by trial and error I went ahead. And can I just tell you, they were the first to go at the dinner party last week. (I used a frozen batch for that) and there were the first to go, at home for brunch. 

Roll baby roll © Cookaroo

Spaghetti Rolls
I don't know how many this serves - freeze what you don't eat. (unfried please)


3 tblsp butter
2 tblsp all purpose flour
500 ml milk
4 -5 jalapenos chopped
1 large onion chopped
Handful coriander leaves chopped
50 gms cheese cut in tiny dices
Leftover spaghetti say enough for one person
2 eggs
Bread crumbs


1. Start with making a bechamel sauce. Heat butter in a pan and add flour to it, stir for a minute or two till it forms a roux. Add half the milk to it and with a balloon whisk stir vigorously. 

2. Add onions and jalapenos and the remaining milk and stir till the sauce thickens. At this point turn off the heat. Add the seasoning - salt, pepper, paprika and the coriander leaves. 

3. Take the spaghetti and chop it in 4 to 5 parts. Add to the sauce. Add the dices of cheese, stir together and let it cool. As the mixture cools, it will thicken. I suggest you wait completely  (it'll just be easier) before you proceed to the next step

4. Break the eggs into a bowl. Give it a good whisk. Set aside a bowl full of breadcrumbs. 

5. With your hands, take portions of spaghetti mix and form into a ball, the cooler the mix, the faster the croquets will form. Repeat till mix is over. 

6. Then, coat the mix liberally with breadcrumbs, dip into the egg and coat again with the breadcrumbs - this way you'll get a crisp exterior and the gooey melty cheese bits.. Deep fry in hot oil till nice and brown, drain and serve with sauce of your choice.

Note: The croquets freeze beautifully, so I'd suggest you fry as many as you want when you want to eat them, and freeze the remaining for a rainy day. They can be fried straight from the freezer, you'll just have to give it an extra minute in the hot oil. 

I'm also sending this to Scottish Mum's Funky Foodie Challenge, because pasta is meant to be shared.

Croquet Power! © Cookaroo

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  1. Wah...wah looks yum yum Ruchiraaaaa!

  2. Hi!
    I'm new here.
    But a deep fried bechamely pasta ball is just the thing needed to get over the gray skies!
    P.S: Loved ur blue vessel. What is it exactly?


    1. Hey Sarita, I don't really know what they are called but they look like miniature Le Creuset - they are ceramic and by Bergener I think. And thank you

  3. Never tried making cutlets from spaghetti.delicious and simple recipe.loved it dear..

    1. Thank you. They were unusual even when I popped them the first time

  4. With the onset of rains, anything fried is soo welcome :)) these looks so inviting and crunchy! I wish I could have them! sigh!

    1. I can imagine! Crunchy yes, but the goeey cheese made it all the more worth the while!

  5. These look smashing! Why didn't you come to Chez Nini? Missed you there!

    1. Arre! I messaged our friend, caught at work. And thank you Charis!

  6. Loved ur all preparations ......stay blessed n happy cooking always.