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Cafe Delhi Heights. Restaurant Review

Did you know that there are barely 10 places in Delhi or rather NCR that are baby-friendly? That is apart form coffee shops like CCD and Barista.

Gurgaon's Cafe Delhi Heights is one of them. Situated right across the Galleria mall in Cross Point mall, it's a places that surprises you every time you go there. How many times have I been there, you'd ask. Well, just twice. But each time I've had a very lovely experience.

The first time I went to Delhi Heights was a Sunday. We wanted to have brunch, so the four of us - us two sisters and respective husbands, happily went in search of the restaurant. A call to the local search engine and armed with a phone number, we drove into Gurgaon, only to figure that no one really picked up the phone. A call ten minutes later, however, was picked up and we were given directions.

My first impression of the place was that it was loud and it was still just 11 am! My second impression though was that it seemed quite empty.

I was wrong on both counts.

As we placed our orders - two hungry boys and two average eating girls - we decided to look around to see what the place was all about. There were Delhi memorabilia - photographs of the popular monuments, kitschy cusions - autorickshaws and bling, and plenty of board games - Jenga, Pictionary - which could keep you amused for hours.

The restaurants open kitchen too was an added bonus. You could smell, hear and taste the rush of the kitchen depending on where you were sitting.

Chop chop © Cookaroo
 As we waited for our orders to arrive, the smoothies,juices and shakes made their way to our table. We'd ordered for the Chocolate Oreo Shake (Rs 175), Mango-banana smoothie (Rs 135), Watermelon Celery and Pomegranate juice (Rs 155)  and Peanut butter and jelly shake (155). They arrived super tall, in these huge canning jars. And turned out to be one of the best part of the meal. The smoothie and the shakes were thick and luxurious and they were super filling. The juice was fabulously fresh.

Dwunk © Cookaroo
And then the breakfast food arrived. We'd ordered for a portion of the Egg's Benedict, which came on top of a croissant with ham and hollaindase sauce (Rs 245). While the egg's were poached just fine, the problem was with the hollaindaise sauce, which from the looks of it wasn't really freshly made. Either it was out of a packet or was not hollaindaise at all.

The Speciality omelette (Rs 225) was light and fluffy and came withe a side of hash brown, sausages, grilled tomatoes and butter-fried mushrooms. With a non-stop supply of toast and butter.

But my favourite, was what I'd ordered - Baked Aubergine with Mozzarella and Tomato (Rs 95). Shallow-fried slices of aubergine baked in a stack with oozy mozzarella. Almost like an Eggplant Parmesan, except it was more mozzarella-ey.

A round of fish and chips  (Rs 425) later and a bowl of Khao Suey (Rs 325),both of which were nice,
you'd think that should have been enough, but apparently - these were just appetizers. The boys and my sister, decided they wanted to eat one more thing. Please, they said.

The choice was obvious. The much-advertised Juicy Lucy Burger (Rs 325) had to be eaten. Described as 250gms of fresh lamb mince seasoned with our in-house rubs and spices, the burger turned out to be gigantic.

Giant © Cookaroo
Split two-ways it took them about a good ten minutes to polish off the burger, before they realised they couldn't move an inch. Some Masala Chai (Rs 110) and a Banta Soda (Rs 95) helped.

A good 15-minutes break, led us into contemplating dessert. We decided on ordering one single dessert and sharing it and therefore the Chocolate Fondant (Rs 185) was brought to our table, only to be walloped in under 60 seconds.

With the super huge menu - even if I went back 10 times, I'd never be able to eat through it. There's still the tasting menu I want to go through as well as plod through the soups and salads and eat some of the Indian.

So what did I think of the meal? I really enjoyed myself. Cafe Delhi Heights is a lovely way to spend a leisurely Sunday morning. The drinks are a class act. The food is good. The portions are American. The ambiance is light and easy.

Need I say more? I went back already, didn't I?

Cafe Delhi Heights

 1. First Floor, Galleria 2, DLF Cross Point, DLF Phase-4, Shop No. 121-123, Gurgaon, India 122006
    Contact:  9911154033
    Meal for two: 1500/- With Alcohol
    Time: From 9 am to Midnight (All day Dining)

    2. Ambience Mall- R301, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon ( Bar coming Soon)
        Contact: 9716254033
        Meal for two: 800/- Without Alcohol
        Time: From 9 am to Midnight (All day Dining)

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  1. I love those jars/glasses.. the food looks so tempting .. and non stop supply of bread n butter really!

  2. A very lovely place indeed. we can go this weekend too before I head out

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    1. u are always happy for foooood!!!! so am i:)

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