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Evernote Food App on the Blogger's Table at Dum Affairs

I am technology spaz. I am truly. Once I'm comfortable with a certain type of technology, I can't think of changing it. Can you imagine it took my father into literally bullying into buying a DVR last year, and now I can't bear to watch shows with commercials? Or that so far I've totally resisted buying an Android because, well I like the Blackberry so much?  Or that I am totally intimidated by cameras and my hand still shakes when I pick one up?

So you'd be wondering then, why in the world I want to talk about an app that I've never used? Because, truly I get this one.  And how did I figure this out? Well because Evernote organised a Blogger's table for us last week.

Evernote Food. An app that can be accessed on any mode of technology through cloud computing. An app that helps you recall and record all that you've eaten and store all your memories. Photos, recipes, conversations and what have you not. And for someone whose life revolves around food - this is just to perfect to pass up on.

Because I haven't had previous experience with either Evernote or Evernote Food, I asked a bunch of my friends questions that would help me figure this out. Note, these were all Android Users. Sample size was 5.

Q1: Do you think Evernote is a life-changing app?

Ans: It helps me remember things. Whether it's a to-do list or a receipt from a place I've eaten, I can store everything on Evernote. It's like Dumbledore's Pensieve except you don't have to bring out memories from your subconscious, instead you leave it to technology.

Q2: What if the battery dies on my phone?

Ans: That's the brilliance of Evernote, it syncs with your computer, smartphone and tablet. So you can access it anywhere. Also keep your charger handy if your phone behaves that badly.

Q3:  How is Evernote different from Evernote Food?

Ans: It's really not different, just more specific. Whether it's a beautifully laid out table, or an interesting ingredient or even just something decadent that you just HAVE to talk about, Evernote Food helps record all that and more. What's more you can upload it straight onto a Social media platform as well. You can also clip anything, whether it's what you've read on a website or a poster outside a restaurant. Anything just about anything is clippable.

Q4: So how's it different from shooting on your phone camera and posting stuff?

Ans: Well for one, you can scribble along with it. You can note ingredients or methods or conversations along with the food. Which would mean you won't miss out any food experience. Also you can draft articles or posts in the app itself, so there's no double load involved. It also has a tagging system, which can help you link to things that you read or want to later.

Q5: How much does it cost?
Ans: The app is free!!! Yay!

So yes, that's what I learnt at the Evernote meet. And now, I can't wait for get my Android.

Oh! And this was over a delicious lunch at Dum Affairs, the awadhi restaurant which I'd reviewed two weeks ago. While the table of bloggers, most of who have androids, embraced the technology so quickly, I just held out to eat my favourite things there - The Galouti Kebab - melt-in-the-mouth and really delicious

 Kebabed © Nimpipi
Followed by the Haleem and the superb Biryani. And then awesome Phirnis. All my favourites. Really totally awesome!

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  1. Let me know download this app & see how it goes. I use an IPhone.

  2. Wow ..knowing the users review is Great.
    When are you getting an Android gadget now?

  3. I could be the leader of technology spaz community!
    Thanks for enlightening people like me ;P