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Leonardo Olive Oil Event: Up Close and Personal with Chef Saby on the Blogger's Table at Brunch

Such fun I say, such fun it is when you meet people who think like you, act like you and eat like you. Which is why being a part of the Blogger's Table is always such a pleasure. And more so, when you're hosted by some fabulous peeps such as the Dalmias of Leonardo Olive Oil at the Olive Bar & Kitchen, just to get up close and personal with Chef Saby.

While we all assembled around noon on Saturday at Mehrauli, by the time we knew it, it was 4 pm. Time just flew by. Between chatting each other up, eating and listening to all what Saby had to say about Olive Oil, it was an afternoon well-spent.

What I loved the most was the way it was organised. Himani DalmiaSenior Manager Corporate, Leonardo set the ball rolling as the menu for the afternoon was handed out. By menu, I mean the things Chef Saby was going to cook for us using the various oils including pomace, pure and extra virgin. And why the demo went on, we were asked to help ourselves to the antipastis that were laid out for us.

Chef Saby chats us up © Cookaroo
I couldn't stop popping these

Pop goes the weasel © Cookaroo
My favourite of course was the roasted peppers stuffed with creamy feta, seeped in olive oil. I think I alone ate a dozen. They were sweet, spicy, creamy cheesy explosive flavour bombs

Yummers! © Cookaroo
Then there was the cold cuts and cheese platters

Cheese glorious cheese © Cookaroo
Most people who know me would know I'd kill to live in a house of cheese. But the Parma ham was to die for. I made my own antipasti by rolling a piece of parma with some olives, relish and cheese inside. Oh yes, the relish. Three kinds - beetroot, apple and roast peppers. Totally D-I-V-I-N-E

Relished! © Cookaroo
I haven't even gotten to the real food. Fish and chips, gumbas, apple,feta and walnut salad, pasta arrabiatta and the most fabulous risotto I've eaten in ages. Black truffle porcini risotto - a signature Olive dish - I wish I hadn't eaten so much before, because that risotto could have been my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Panning out © Cookaroo
Oh and then there was a quadrat of dessert, but why the time the fourth of laid out I was ready to pass out with sheer excitement

Sweets for my sweets © Cookaroo
And so we ate and ate and ate. There was the Tiramisu (awesome), chocolate terrine (delectable) and a apple pie with beautiful sugar craft (lovely)

Stuffed! © Cookaroo
And as if that wasn't enough, we got a goodie bag to take home

Picture Courtesy  © Deeba Rajpal
I can't even explain how inspired I was by the peeps. That I had to go home and open up all the bottles. Eat up most of the olives and make something with all the awesome goodies. Oh and the folks at the Blogger's Table? So kind and generous. 

So I say thank you Leonardo, Himani, Chandana and Saby for being such awesome hosts. For bringing some awesome products on our tables and getting us all together at one place. Oh and for inspiring me for making some wonderful meals all this week, which I'll be posting soon.

Picture in picture © Cookaroo

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  1. Lucky you.. especially since you got to eat some awesome food and meet some great bloggers!

  2. Wonderful! Indeed was a fun afternoon - good folk, good food, olive oil, the best chef ever ... and loads of fun. So glad to finally meet you. Looking forward to the next event!

  3. Wow, I wish I could be there too, mouthwatering stuff & surely lots to learn. I super liked that goodie bag :)


  4. it was such an amazing time!!!..My hubby got bored of my narrating all the stuff to him..!!


  5. Beautiful afternoon spent in good company... whats more one can ask for... Loved to meet you all :)

    1. That's true! It was great to meet all you guys too

  6. Replies
    1. Yup, lucky me is right :) Come to Delhi, be a part of it

  7. Loved the way you've captured the afternoon, the picture in a picture is so cool :)
    It was so much fun indeed... looking forward to seeing you....