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Rose Cafe. Restaurant Review

My friend N and I are always looking for new things to do and new places to visit. Not because we don't have plenty to do ourselves, but because a lot of our 'outings' revolve around food. One, because right after work either one of us is hungry, two, because we're suckers for new places (and sometimes are repeat customers for months).

Actually there was this one time last month, when we decided that it was time to a change. And well, the weather was lovely, so we decided to hang at Lodhi Garden. But since the weather played spoilsport (it was almost as if the cloud was following us just to burst on our heads when we reached the spot), we ended up drenched and eating road wala bhutta (whole corn ear) which had been rubbed with lemon and masala, in the car. Post which, we went off for a drink. 

But that's digressing. Two weeks ago while going through FB, N found a sweet looking FB page calling out for food trials. The name sounded so sweet Rose Cafe. She called and got us to go the next day for the trials. And what a lovely experience we had.

So Pretty! © Nimpipi
Nestled in the bylanes of Saidulajab on the road leading up to the Garden of Five Senses is this bright pink warehouse which has been converted into a rather quaint cafe.

Done up in beautiful pastels - hues of pinks and blue, this place is definitely girly but really so pretty. The walls are white, the ceiling has pink doilies on it from which hang lamps in the same shades. This beautiful pink crockery shelf is filled with cake stands and coffee cups and the tables tiled with the ones in swimming pools. So pretty!

As the both of us walked in, it took us a couple of minutes to absorb everything. And that's when we realised  we'd walked smack into the middle of a sort of a friends and family tasting.

Tasting panel © Nimpipi
But Sarita Ahuja (the lady in red) and the owner of the cafe had plans for us and made us feel extremely comfortable. As we sat down at one end of the table, she made us meet everyone else made sure we had people to talk to at all times. She told us to wander around and check out whatever we liked, as she went back to organise the tasting.

It all began with tea-cup portions of Corn Chowder. Very delicious and very light. And then came the mezze platter with hummus, babaganoush and tzatziki. And these really light Falafels.

Fun and falafel © Nimpipi
Mezze platter © Nimpipi
Followed by Jacket Potatoes which were stuffed corn and chicken and cheese

You say potato © Nimpipi
And then came out these lovely thin crust pizzas. This one was with bacon, sour cream, onions and chives. YUMMY

This Little piggy © Nimpipi
But the pièce de résistance was the Apple, cranberry and cheddar - salad pizza. Fresh flavours, lovely lovely textures.

Keep the doctor away © Nimpipi
While we were waiting for the cheesy penne and the eggplant parmigiana to come, we realised we were really running super late for work. So while she offered to doggie bag it for us, we said we'd like to jump straight to dessert. We tried all three - the Tiramisu - which was lovely, strong espresso, lovely creamy mascarpone (and it kept me up all night), the lemon cake, which was a bit too dry, and the Espresso streusel, which was served with thick caramel sauce and was delicious

Desserted © Nimpipi

Which was quickly followed by some coffee (not for me) and cookies. Macaroons (the best), jam cookies, oatmeal raisin and almond cookies. 

P and Qs later, we were out of there. So would we go back again? Most definitely - if only to eat that salad pizza and some tiramisu. 

I don't have prices for any of the dishes, since we went for the tasting. And yes, it's open now. 

Phone: 011 2953 3186

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  1. so pretty this place looks! great photos

  2. Don't know where to start:
    1) I love the new look (header), simple yet fun, lighthearted ... makes me want to scroll further and explore:)
    2) The rose cafe looks so french.. I felt I was in pondicherry! Love the bright sunlight in the room and the fresh ingredients.
    3)And who worked on this (header) look :P need help on my too, or tell me how to do it .. I am nincompoop when it comes to internet!

  3. Gauri, thank you yaaaaa. Six months were coming up and I thought it was time to make some changes. This format's helping me disply pix better. Header toh bhai I googled free sites for blog headers and came up with something I liked. And then worked on it myself via Picassa. BTW I'm a total techno spaz too

    1. ohh ur blogging only for 6 months!! Wow I know now, I have so much more to learn! Way to go ... looking forward to something big on 1/2 year anniversary ;)
      P.S - Going to looking for free & interesting headers!

    2. Even less than 6! Thank you Gauri, I do however have a little help from my friends.