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Cool Kitchen Gadgets. And things people are free to send to me

I totally love kitchen gadgets and if you've been around for a bit with me, you'd know that I am a sucker for things in the kitchen. Right when I'd just started blogging, I'd talked about how I want some of the things which were, well, not just usable in the kitchen.

These gadgets here make great presents (to give and for myself too) and I just wanted to share my finds with everyone. Really totally cool.

1. Finger food party plates: Throw a lot of parties? I think this is a great buy. So convenient and so totally practical. I want to kiss the designer.

2. This is one my favourite gadgets, I haven't stopped laughing ever since I stumbled upon it. Because, it really means a lot. My husband and I are constantly fighting over that last scoop of ice cream. We know who's going to win now, thanks to the Ben & Jerry's Euphori- Lock

3. How much time and space this would save! Jealous of anyone who own's this Three-in-one Breakfast Station

4. Pizza Plates. So cool. So cool. Perfect for pie slices as well. And maybe cake. I want.
5.  I don't about others, but I want this. I'd happily carry it to work every day this Mini Sandwich Lunch Box
6. Rubix Cube Coasters. Has a matching mug as well. Reminds me how I used to cheat at it
7. Little piglet holding corn-on-the-cob. Such fun. Charcoal Companion Corn Holders
 8.  Cut the Cheese Knives. These are absolutely adorable. I wanted to save them for another post, but I just had to share
9. I love salad bowls and serving dishes. And this one is totally funky - Wheel Barrow Salad bowl with wooden salad servers
10. This totally reminded me of my brother and that I should get him a present. Flipper Guitar Spatula

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  1. I love the three in one breakfast station mostest!!

  2. Loved the icecream 'safe' and everything else. I want them all!!!


    1. Ice cream safe made me laugh for so long. Its the perfect thing for me :)

  3. Finger food plates and breakfast station! genius!

  4. I wouldn't mind the finger food, pizza plates & knifes as gift :)

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  5. I want them all... how sweet are these. I love the times we live in for creative stuff like this.

    1. Totally totally cool. Everytime I check there's something new and even cooler :)

  6. Aren't those cool! Love your wish-list!

  7. Very cute and funny post :).. Would want that three in one Breakfast cooker for myself .. he he ! :p

    Glad to follow you .. looking forward to see more such posts from you :)

    1. Thank you Nupur, that's such an awesome thing for me to hear. :)