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Espresso Jam/Jelly

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Are you trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this? So am I.

Not so much as figure out, but how well I am going to be able to use it and all the fun I am going to have with it.

I made this espresso jelly because I was baking some cookies for my friend Radical. She's been demanding cookies for me for the last six months. The catch? She lives in Hyderabad and wanted me to courier some to her. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to courier cookies, so I decided to bide my time until she got here.

And when she did, I asked her before she could remind me again. What flavours us do you want, I asked. I don't want anything with nuts, no lemon, no ginger, no fruits,no dried fruit, no savoury, she said. Which basically left us with coffee, chocolate and well more chocolate.

Chocolate chip ok, I asked? Yes! Double chocolate fudge, but ofcourse! So now I had to figure out what I could do with coffee. I decided to make espresso thumbprint cookies which I thought I could fill with  chocolate ganache. But so much chocolate was already making me nauseous. Instead, I decided to fill it with more coffee.

I looked for a coffee jam recipe. Nothing really turned up. So I thought maybe it was time for some trial and error - and voila! this espresso jam/jelly was produced. It filled the cookies really beautifully and added a depth of flavour, I couldn't even imagine.

Since then, I've given away one bottle, drizzled it on ice cream and used it in a cake. Slathered it on a biscuit and snacked on it and well, licked it off a spoon too

But I have a serious warning: This is for coffee addicts only. For others, I'll have to dream up something else. :)

Cookie friendly © Cookaroo
Espresso Jelly

1 cup strong fresh pressed espresso
(By that I mean use three tablespoons of coffee per press)
1/2 cup sugar
4 tsps agar agar
1 tsp Kahlua

1. Press the coffee with very hot water so that it's easier for the sugar to dissolve in.
2. Add the agar agar, and stir till it dissolves completely.
3. Add the Kahlua and strain into the desired container. Let it sit for 8 hours before using

Beans © Cookaroo

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  1. How innovative! I'm sure that jelly is yummy on the cookies, or even as a cake filling. Coffee addicts..yup, we're there :)

  2. Kahlua.. is it only used for Flavoring ..

  3. Wow, couldnt think of espresso beyond cofee.

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  4. How interesting, please parcel me one jar.. pretty please!

  5. This sounds devine... now the agar agar is the "pectin" for sake of a better name in this recipe then?

  6. Wow looks delicious. I will die for just one lick of this jam.

  7. Ruchira, I'm dying to try this out-it looks wonderful and I like that you added Kahlua! :D

  8. I think you should start selling and approach a major vendor like Sanoma, crate n barrel or Starbucks by Christmas. Do it before someone sle does. Good luck!