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Red Bean burger or Rajma Tikki burger

Burger off  © Cookaroo

I haven't blogged for 4 days and it already feels like forever. But then there's just been too much happening and I am just trying to grapple with getting my life on order before new things begin.

I like to begin a new week with a dessert, here's something I like to make mid-week, especially when I don't know what to make and have completely run out of ideas. Burgers, as you know, are quick, fun and well, basically you can't really ever go wrong with them.

More often than not, you'll see me make leftover, meat, vegetables or lentils into burgers - my Barbecue Chicken Burgers were one example. These red beans or rajma were meant to be thrown into a salad, but they sort of softened a bit too much and so they became burgers.

I made the patties and the night before and then made burgers for lunch next day. I thought the patties themselves could be eaten plain, with a bit of mint sauce and perhaps ketchup. I used a garlic dip to go with it and well, the husband opened a pack of chips as an accompaniment. I think one burger did us both in - quite filling and we were good to go till dinner.

Burgered off  © Cookaroo

Red Bean Burger / Rajma Tikki Burger
Serves 6


For the pattie
200 gms red beans/ rajma - can or soaked and pressured cooked - drained
1 small onion
3 tblsp cilantro leaves
1 green chilli
1/2 tsp dried mango powder/ amchoor
1/2 red chilli powder
3 slices of bread
1 cup Water
Oil to shallow fry

For the assembly
Burger buns
Garlic Dip/ Mayonnaise
Mint Sauce

1. Using a potato masher, mash the red beans well. Meanwhile soak the slices of bread in the water. Squeeze out all the water and add to the beans.
2. Chop onions finely, wash and chop the cilantro as well as the green chilli. Add to the bean and bread mix.
3. Add the seasonings - salt, pepper, dried mango powder and red chilli powder. Mash them all together. Using your hands, shape the bean patties into the desired shape you'd like. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or overnight before frying.
4. When you're ready to fry. Heat some oil in a flat pan and shallow fry on either side for 3-4 minutes. Serve warm.

For the assembly
1. Slice the onions, cucumber and tomatoes in circles/rings
2. Slice the burger bun in half, on the lower part, slather on some mayo or garlic dip.
3. Put the bean pattie/rajma tikki followed by the cucumbers, onions and tomato.
4. Slather the top half with some mint sauce and close the burger. There! You're ready to eat.

Meanwhile am sending this recipe to Let's Cook with Legumes which is being hosted by Radhika of Tickling Palates

Oh and before I call it a day, I have to tell you I'm the Blogger of the Month at Priya's Bon Appetite and she's given me a badge. Yay!

I've shared a fun recipe for my guest post for her - Maple and Yogurt Pannacotta with Orange Blossom Syrup and crushed pistachios. Do have a look

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  1. That's an delectable burger patty....love the idea of rajma...

    1. hahaha, thank you Lubna, how nice of you to comment

  2. loved the pattie recipe and burgers looks a winner; thanks again for the guest post ruchira :)

    1. Oh thank you Priya for the opportunity, I really had a lovely time doing the recipe.

  3. rajma tikki burger..this is interesting!!!


  4. Looks really yumm..will surely try it :-)


  5. Healthy and yummy!! Nice post. happy to follow u..

  6. Yum Yum, I am hungry now...want to eat that Rajma burger...sooo tempting. I tried my hands at chickpea burgers & since then my hubby doesnt like eating outside Mc & Burger king burgers Lol. Even I feel home made is any day better.

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  7. so glad i found this..i heart burgers