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Caramelized Onion Jam.

In a jam © Cookaroo

Many people I know don’t like onions. But I’ve got to tell you that caramelized onions are nothing like onions. They are sweet, bursting with flavor and are an awesome accompaniment to just about anything.

The first time I made caramelized onions was for a Nigella Lawson recipe for an onion bread. The was filled with caramelized onions, and the bottom a lovely buttermilky bread. Totally awesome. That was atleast five years ago. Ever since then I’ve come across so many recipes that called for caramelized onions that I decided to make a whole batch together that will last me atleast five to six times. So it’s always stocked in the refrigerator.

 I love serving caramelized onions with my cheese platter. I think the sweetness of the onions add a certain depth to the cheeses – plus they work well with both bland and piquant cheeses. I also am a big fan of tarts and quiches with caramelized onions – total flavor contrasts making it awesome. And everytime I see some good cheese that is melty – I run off to make a caramelized onion and grilled cheese sandwich.

 The other night though, we tried it with the raclette. And it was fabulous.

 My jam is simple. I don’t even season it, because, you know, I can season it whenever I wish to. I use just onions, oil and water. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. But, onion jam takes a hell of a lot of patience.

 You need to slow cook it, so that you don’t burn it and make it like biryani-wale pyaaz. You have to turn in over, every now and then and you have to treat it with love and respect.
So don’t make this when you are in a hurry. Make it leisurely when you have all the time in the world – like on a weekend. But trust me, every single spoonful is worth that effort.

Relish © Cookaroo

Caramelised onion jam
1 kg red onions
2 tsp oil
1 cup water
Seasoning of your choice
Lots and lots of patience
1.Peel and slice onions in even shapes – thick or thin is your choice
2.In a large saucepan add the olive oil and add the onions. Stir till all the onions are coated with oil.
3.Lower the flame and let the onions cook for 1 hour . Keep turning it around once in a while.
4.After a point, when it starts to stick to the bottom, add a splash of water and mix. Do this until all the onions are browned and you get a lovely sweet caramelized smell .
5.Add seasoning if you wish, I prefer it unseasoned because I use it for so many things.
6.Let it cool. Fill into a nice jar and keep aside. Onion jam will keep upto a month in the refrigerator

I'm sending this lovely jam. My refrigerator staple to Tea Time Treats which is being hosted by What Katy Baked and Lavender & Lovage. This month's theme is jams and preserves, and I think this will fit in quite snugly

Sweet child © Cookaroo

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  1. loveeee caramelised onions. Would be soo good in a ham and cheese sandwich. Or over crackers. Or by itself. Aaaaah

  2. I loveeee caramalised onions, make dips, chutneys, use it in veggies, imparts a natural sweet flavour

  3. must be really delicious after all that effort went into making it.

  4. Love the flavor of caramelized onions :-)


  5. ♥♥♥ ... just love them! {and the pretty green pot too}

  6. Thank you ever so much for entering Tea Time Treats! And I couldn't agree more about your comment: 'They are sweet, bursting with flavor and are an awesome accompaniment to just about anything'!!

  7. This is lovely - as you say, perfect with cheese, I'm hungry just thinking about it!