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Nutella Cake. And Nutella tales

Never say never © Cookaroo

I am not allowed to bring Nutella home. Why? Because I can finish an entire jar in one sitting. I slather it on soft bread, eat it with my pancakes, dip it in paranthas and well, eat straight from the jar as well.

I remember when I lived in New York briefly, there's always be three things in my fridge - hummus, soft multigrain bread and Nutella. I'd make sandwiches - hummus with cucumber and Nutella with bananas. One savoury and one dessert sandwich. Filling, delicious, and totally hitting the spot. Which is why, when I lived alone in Delhi, about four years ago, I'd buy it often.

But ever since I've gotten married, the husband has caught on to some of my tricks and Nutella is banned from the house - also because I don't share my it - and I always have to tell him why I've bought it.

Which is why, when I bought a bottle the other day, I was instantly quizzed - are you going to finish this jar on your own or are you going to make something? I protested indignantly, hullo I'm going to bake a cake. A smirk and a quiet drive later, I sulked and then refused to look at the bottle till the next morning.

Between some bananas blackening on my table, and the thought that I was going to meet die-hard chocoholics (when I took a lemon pie for one some time ago, he said, this is lovely but where's the dessert?)  in the evening, I decided to bake a nutella cake with chocolate. 

A chunk not slice © Cookaroo

I added some cocoa so that I could bring out the deeper flavours of the nutella and unlike in the photograph I slathered some more nutella on top and then perched a ferro rocher  atop.

The cake was moist yet sturdy. This is not a gooey or ultra rich cake, it's light and bursting with flavours. It is a cake that satisfies your chocolate and Nutella cravings. This cake brings out the lovely hazelnuts in the creamy spread and cuts through like butter. And while we ate it plain, you can bring on some ice cream or fresh cream with it.

But I have another thing or two to tell you before you read the recipe. If you eat the cake straight out of the pan, you will get a slight soda-ey taste. I suggest you let the chocolate/ Nutella develop for at least a couple of hours before you eat it. In fact bake it in the morning and forget about it till dinner. Leave it in the fridge to cool and develop the flavours. And then when you eat it, you'll be transported to a place where you can eat Nutella without ever being questioned and for all three meals 24 X 7. 

Ache for cake © Cookaroo

Nutella Cake

1 1/3  cups Flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
¼ cup cocoa powder
½ cup butter (let it for an hour)
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs 
100 grams melted dark chocolate
1/2 cup Nutella
1/2 cup of milk

1. Beat the sugar and butter until light and fluffy. 
2.  Add eggs (one at a time) followed by the Nutella and melted chocolate
3. Gradually add the dry ingredients and lastly the milk. 
4. Spread the mixture into a greased and lined tin.
5. Bake at 160 for 45 - 50 minutes. This is the best bit. Your kitchen will be filled with the aroma of Nutella. The cake is cooked when a skewer comes out clean.

Nothing like Nutella © Cookaroo

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  1. It was one of the most "interesting" cakes I have had in the recent past. The textures ( yes there were many ) gave it great character and I loved the fact that it wasnt the ubiquitous "death by chocolate" types but did leave a little on my fingers to lick it off which ia a kid-quirk I enjoy. So keep em coming Chef Ruch. It was truly a grand finale..

  2. This SHALL be made.

  3. Was never a nutella fan until a couple of years ago. I don't buy it often. its too addictive; nutella + cocoa = sinful cake !!

  4. yummm..there is a microwave version of this cake which also tastes yumm!!...made in 3 minutes flat...i prepare it for all my impromptu guests(or unannounced guests!!)...and they love it!!

  5. I HAVE TO MAKE THIS AT ANY COST !!! Just few weeks back I was like, "kaash, nutella use karke koi recipe hote" .. hehe .. awesome :D

  6. I love the way you write {at the risk of sounding like a recording machine LOL}. A certain Rifaquat Ali Khan Mirza ia making me very envious! Need to taste this ASAP ... and good heavens girl, had it not been for the smart hub, Nutella would be in short supply here! I love the passion you blog with!

  7. Your description of the cake makes me drool. and i cannot concentrate. Suffic eto say I am going to make this cake (Please do not ask when or how but this one is a must bake soon if I want to remain sane.
    I am hosting Fast Food Not Fat Food The Oil/Butter Challenge 1st Sept to 15th Oct ’12. Do send me your entries

  8. Sounds delicious...added to my 'to try' list :-)


  9. Lol, loved your story :) Am a huge fan of nutella too.Its so irresistible. Lovely cake, looks really nice & fluffy :)

    Blog - http://shwetainthekitchen.blogspot.com/
    Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/ShwetaintheKitchen

  10. looks very delicious...can I have a slice please?

  11. this cake has created two more Nutella addicts me and my 10year old son........ yummy yummy cake