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Thai eggplant salad. And explaining the hiatus

So winey© Cookaroo
I've been a bad person. I know I have. I've been away for nearly two weeks now, and it's been so totally crazy for me that I hardly had the time to blog. But I feel I owe my blog an explanation. So here goes.

I wasn't sick. I was just plain busy. I have a full time job (which is ok) and I was doing a menu development project and the restaurant will be up and running in a day or so. So between writing stories, cooking, training and tastings I had no time to myself. I was sleeping some six hours and was working all the time.

Plus since I needed to maintain a sort of work life balance, I was still going out and meeting people. So while I haven't missed any bloggers meets, I just haven't had the time to pick up the camera and shoot. I haven't cooked at home either. And when I am at home, I've been eating eggs and toasts and milk. I've been baking (for other peeps) but not shooting. And now my Diwali rounds have to begin, which means lots of baking again because I am going home for Diwali. (yay).

Meanwhile in other news I met Gary and George of Masterchef Australia (that I will post about sometime soon) and went for F1, where I saw Sebastian Vettel win. And made some of the best cupcakes of my life.

But before that, some of us bloggers were sent a Diwali pack by Four Seasons which included a 350 ml bottle of Shiraz and another of the Chenin Blanc and a sweet wine glass. We decided to make something from it, and tossing between doing a risotto or a sangria, we just ended up doing what we felt like. I decided on doing this thai eggplant salad.

I love eggplant. But you know this. I've made the chilled soba salad, grilled eggplant salad and roasted aubergine sandwich, but this salad has been a favourite ever since I ate it 5 years ago. I love how the tomatoes and eggplant seem like such a natural fit. I love how the basil is a definite must. And I love how quick and uncomplicated it is. Oh and it's a warm salad. Perfect for winters

Thai Eggplant Salad
Adapted from a memory about five years old

2 tblsp vegetable oil
1 tsp chilli flakes
2 medium sized eggplants, diced
1 medium-sized onion, diced
2 tomatoes diced
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped (
2 tblsp white wine (I used Four Seasons Chenin Blanc)
1 tbslp red wine vinegar
3 tblsp dark soy sauce,
 2 tblsp brown sugar
20 leaves fresh basil, shredded or torn
A pinch of salt
Handful pine nuts


<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Make the dressing with the ½ chopped garlic, white wine, red wine vinegar, two tbslp soya sauce, 4 basil leaves, 1 tblsp of brown sugar and salt. Toss the tomatoes in it. Keep aside
<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.       <!--[endif]-->Meanwhile heat a deep saucepan and add oil to it. Add red chilli flakes Let it sizzle for 10 seconds. Add the eggplant and stir fry for 3 minutes. Add onions and garlic and stir fry for three more minutes.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.       <!--[endif]-->Once the eggplant has softened, add the remaining soya sauce and brown sugar and toss well. Remove for heat. Let it cool for a couple of seconds and add to the tomato and dressing mixture.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.       <!--[endif]-->Toss well. Check for salt. Add the basil leaves and finally top with pine nuts 

So nuts © Cookaroo

Sending this to Patty's Weekly Story 99 at Colours Dekor

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  1. i have been thinking of looking up for ur blog and finally i bump into it... and what a time... i have been looknig for soups and salad recipes as i want to switch to them for my dinner.. this will feature in one of the dinners this week. Well, i wanted to look for your blog coz everytime i see Deebas pictures, i love ur shots... u r one pretty charming looking lady.. so i wanted to come look up who this lady is... :) sorry for d spamming!

    1. How totally sweet! Hahaha, I do hope you enjoy your stop over here too, Deeba just takes the most flattering pix, i'm just incidental :)

  2. Hey Girl!!. so good to see u back :) and I completely envy cause you had the breakfast which every foodie in India would have wanted to, but am very happy for you :))
    Soups and salads are my best friends they keep me full and healthy, never tried one with wine. Have bookmarked this and am going to try it sooonnnn!
    Good to have you back and ur lucky ur going home for Diwali!

    1. Gauri!! So good to be back. Just too many things going on and I just had to take the break, wasn't able to cope. A lot better now, so things are good finally. I know, totally looking forward to going home for Diwali

  3. so new recipe for me

  4. I want to have this salad now for lunch. Have everything required :-)
    just the pine nuts will be replaced with peanuts ;-)

    1. I wanted to write that in the recipe and totally forgot. But it'll be as good. Some crunch is better than none

  5. Oooh I LIKE this! Will make this soon. Warm, winter colourful 'baul'ful ... NICE! Simple too.

  6. That looks delicious !
    A simple salad, yum yum ...

  7. WOW amazing...


  8. Lovely Recipe....good photography...

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