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Espresso Grill. Review with the Blogger's Table

This post was meant to go up in November, but the last couple of months, I really haven't been a good blogger. That said, up this post goes before the year ends. :)

The first thing you notice about Espresso Grill is how things are so symmetrical. And how the open kitchen makes no noise. And that all the crockery is black.

No scratch that. The first thing you notice about Espresso Grill is the parking. Situated in the building that has Delhi's first proper multi-level parking, you know what your opening conversation is going to be in the restaurant. And then you take in the rest of the restaurant.

As the Blogger's Table met for lunch one Saturday - a cosy turnout though- since the holiday season was right around the corner and frankly quite liked the place a lot.

We started our meal with Gordon Ramsay's Roasted Cauliflower Soup with truffle oil. It had a nice wild mushroom crostini on it. Then came the Pan Asian Barbecue Pork ribs with Kimchee. While the kimchee was nothing to write home about the ribs were amazing. Falling off the bone with an almost teriyaki like sauce. 'twas lovely. Greek Salad with saganaki chicken was next. I loved the warm feta on top it just made it so much more delectable.

But for me, the piece de resistance and really the star of the evening was the Bruschetta. The tomatoes were roasted and then chilled with generous portion of Parmesan. The bread was warm, it was such an explosion of flavours, that a month later, when I went back with some friends, it was the first thing I recommended.

The main course came right along. Sushmita ordered the Forest Mushroom risotto, which turned out to be very generous and delicious. I got the Pan fried sole with fava bean puree with the saffron aioli ( I wish there was more of that aioli) , while my companion got the Lamb Shank with potato dauphoise. That was superb, meat falling off the bone, the leeks giving it an added depth. However when friends of mine went a week later the meat was undercooked and not up to the mark. Oh and a melange of roasted vegetables was also ordered.

You'd think none of us would have had any more space. But no we aren't like ordinary people, we are gluttons. A choice between baklava and creme brulee, all but one opted for the baklava. I didn't care for the baklava at all. It was too sweet (and I like sweet things) but it wasn't working for me. The creme brulee was nice. Not the best I had but nice. It had a nice crack and the Madagascar vanilla came through well. But when I went back the last time with my friends, I had the carrot cake, which I have to say was excellent.

I really enjoyed my meal at Espresso Grill and Aishwarya, whose first time it was with us brought us some of her brownies, which were really lovely.

In November when I went back, the liquor license had just come through. I'd like to go back in January for some of that bruschetta and the carrot cake. And of course the company, which is always always brilliant.

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  2. Had it not been you, I might have missed this beautiful place and beautiful company of you all. It was great to be with you !