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Not Rosey this. A revisit to Rose Cafe

I've been AWOL. I know. But that's a story for later. Meanwhile I have to talk about this horrid, horrid experience we had at Rose Cafe.

I'm not sure if you'd remember but in August, my friend N and I walked into this quaint and pretty place near Garden of Five Senses and were totally floored by how tastefully done up it was. No? That's ok, you can read this for reference.

So you can imagine how excited I was to share this discovery with everyone on the Blogger's Table. And so on a lovely Sunday in October, we guys landed there for a languid brunch.  We were our happy chatty selves, especially since the night before we'd all met up at Zanotta at the Leela Kempinski for a lovely formal sitdown dinner, so our spirits were high.  As we all turned up and looked around and made our exclamations, it was just the way things went that made it downhill from the beginning.

The food? The pizzas were brilliant as always. The beans in a bun lovely, shepherd's pie exceptional but that was that. Really that's were the odyssey ended.

 Photo Courtsey: Deeba Rajpal

Like Charis said, there were signs. We should have known. We really should have. Since we were seated in a long table, we couldn't really see what was going on at the other end. So what was going on? Apparently only one end of the table received any food. The service was sooo terrible, that it was obvious that they weren't equipped to served more than 3-4 people at a table at a time.
There was a point Sid, who'd ordered a soup decided he'd much rather eat a kathi roll from down the road than wait for another hour. It had been 40 minutes since he'd ordered. Rekha's Eggplant Parmigiana was undercooked and really quite terrible and then beat this, Sushmita's appetisers arrived with our desserts. Ofcourse, icing on the cake, as always (as my luck would have it) is to have found hair on my plate.
Oh and the desserts that I loved? Well, didn't quite live up to the hype. Yes, the waffles were fabulous. Yes, the espresso cake was delicious. Everything else was slip-shoddy. The macaroons were cold and eggy, the raspberry cake which was "made especially for us"was frozen and terrible. And the tiramisu I loved the last time, total total mediocre.
Such a disaster. Still we were us. We were fun. And then as if adding insult to injury, we were subjected to such a large dose of rudeness that it left most of us shaking with anger. Months later, I still don't get it. Isn't the first rule of being in hospitality industry being polite? Isn't the second rule that if you can't be polite, don't open your mouth?
Apparently at Rose Cafe they don't believe that exists. The owner was plenty apologetic. But damage done is damage done. I think it was a learning lesson for all us. It's true when they say don't judge a book by it's cover - because this - this was just unacceptable. This was pure ugliness.
We got an apology mail later the next day:
Please accept my sincere apology for yesterday's incident. It was not my
intention to make you feel small, cheap or insulted. I sincerely apologize
for my tone of voice and will make sure that I am courteous and polite to
women and not make them feel small.


I showed this mail to friends of mine in the hospitality industry and also in the field of journalism.  I don't have words that can be penned down about what I feel about this mail.
What do you think?
Please read the rest of the table's experience at Rose Cafe and judge for yourself, if you'd really like to go there:
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  2. yes, It was letdown experience.....

  3. Ugh. I am so sorry to hear about this. Was planning to visit the place, not anymore.

  4. Cafe Rose revisited! Boy, what an experience ... I guess we live and learn. The pizza was worth the visit! The desserts were not! The company {ours} made up for it!

  5. I had loved that place when you mentioned it in your first visit/ post, such a shame that the food was a big let down. It's definitely their loss.