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Frozen. And a thing or two about things I want.

It's official. We are a frozen lot in Delhi. It's not that its snowing outside, it's the fact that we live in houses that feel like an igloo. There's no concept of central heating and the even with the radiators on all day, the cold seeps in through the cement and jams the joints and all you want to do is huddle inside your comforter all day long.

Any hoo, enough self-pity. The thing is, in winters, what you really crave is a hot meal without having to do too many things. And it's on days like that I turn to my freezer. You see, my freezer is my best friend. I freeze just about anything. Something I learnt from my grandmother. Want some stock, pull out the cubes from the freezer. How about some soup?. In a Tupperware box in the freezer. A quick snack? Open that red box on the third shelf, you'll find homemade mini cutlets in it. And how about some pre-marinated chicken to throw in the oven for a roast? In that ziploc bag, dear sir, within arms length.

Basically everything. So when I bought my side by side fridge a couple of years ago, my husband wasn't surprised. On the contrary he was thrilled. More food to freeze he said! Yet here I am two years later, wanting more freezer space. More fridge space. A blast chiller to get my ice creams going, a wine cooler to be able to stock up more madeira and a deep freezer, so that I am always prepared to feed an army of 10 without making too much of an effort.

Bah! The things I want.But what I really really need, is a crockpot of sorts, a soup kettle where I can just throw in things and voila! Hot soup by the time I come back home.

It was when I was looking for all these things that I stumbled upon this site - Fridge Freezer Direct and couldn't stop browsing through it. What an amazing lot of things! All I want is that I could make a wishlist of things I 'd like to buy soon.

And I will! Soon! Real soon, just you wait and watch. Till then help me pick out what I want next from here.

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