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Pinterest Picks: Soups for January

I hate chicken soup. There I've said it. I don't like the chewy meat that's thrown into it, I don't like the smell from the bones and I especially don't like how it tastes - so chickeny- so bleah!

I also think that's really strange because I love all sorts of soup. Tomato. Pumpkin. Carrot. Onion. Sweet Potato. You name it, and you'll know we are friends. There's really nothing like a hot cup of molten broth to calm you down on a cold winters night. And trust me, we've been getting a lot of that lately. But I have a small problem, while I like thick broths, the husband is a fan of clear soups especially that with chicken.

So there's always a tussle at home and cooking for one, is, well, a bore. I'm always looking for ideas to make things that the both of us like and what better place to turn to than Pinterest. The place brimming with ideas, the place full of possibilities. So this month I've picked up ten soups that I'd really like to try at home, and will too. The recipes are linked to the titles, so do click on them. So while I stir the pot, won't you please ''follow" me on Pinterest?

I'm starting with my most favourite soup in the world:

1.  French Onion Soup


10. Vegan Mushroom Soup

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  1. Ohh u dont like chicken soup :((
    I love soups, especially during winters.. warm and hearty!

  2. I so wanna make sweet potato soup :)