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Pan Asian at WelcomHotel Sheraton. Blogger's Table

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I'm not a big fan of Chinese cuisine. But give me Korean or Vietnamese or Japanese or Thai and I'll love you forever. Strange though right? Considering most people I know lurrrve Chinese food.

So when we were invited to Pan Asian at WelcomHotel Sheraton  I was certain there'd be plenty of Chinese food to last me for the rest of the year. But how wrong I was.

As we waited for everyone to arrive, we were poured lovely glasses of wine to begin our meal. And bowls of soya peanuts (which turned out to be boiled peanuts with soya sauce) and edamame beans were placed in front of us.

Since we had an an activity planned with Chef Nakamura, we were served our platters of sushi almost as soon as everyone was seated -  while Deeba, Sushmita, Aishwarya and I opted to eat the vegetarian maki rolls - and the wasabi that was served with it, went straight to all our noses.

Meanwhile Vineet, Deeba's husband tried teaching us how to use the chopsticks and that's how I tried to eat for the rest of the evening. In fact the wait staff was so polite, they even taught us the cheat sheet to using chopsticks - by wrapping the head of the chopsticks with a piece of paper and then using a rubber band to secure it - so that it's easier to eat with.

Post the sushi, we headed out to the teppan station where Chef Nakamura taught us how to use the grill and we were all given pieces of tofu to use the grill with. The miso tofu steak - which some of us grilled and some well, burnt, were totally melt in the mouth. But having said that, using the teppan really ain't as easy as it looks.

We headed across to the yakitori station where we were told about the nuances of making a yakitori and that its all in the sauce  - teriyaki at that - that makes it so special. We were told that both the teppan and the yakitori were Japanese street food, which made it so much more fun and easy to do.

As we all sat back down on our tables, we were served a miso soup with nori. The soup was lovely mildly flavoured but with strong overtones of sea weed. I think Sangeeta, had a hard time with it. But I thought it was lovely.

Then, my most favourite part of the meal (and now I wish I had eaten more of it) was brought out.  Peking Duck with cucumber, spring onion and chef's special sauce. Oh-my-god! The duck was a-mazing! Crispy and juicy at the same time and the rolled up in that thin pancake with that delicious hoisin sauce, it just made my day.

By now, I think we were stuffed to the gills. Did I say gills? Because I HAVE to tell you what happened next. So the wait staff wheeled in the Crispy Hua or the red snapper and then flambed it. Everybody got an awesome picture of it. But neither Deeba nor I would manage to eat the snapper, since it had given us the eye.

Photos courtesy: Sushmita Sarkar, Sangeeta Khanna, Deeba Rajpal

I really couldn't eat much after that but I have to say that the Kaeng Phak or the Thai Green Curry with vegetables was fabulous. You knew that the green curry paste was fresh and you could taste the lovely mellow coconut milk. That totally rocked my meal.

Our meal ended with Darsaan or crispy honey noodles with a scoop of ice cream but it was the fig and toffee pudding which was the icing on the cake. Light, spongy, moist, warm, treacly, sweet  - I could go on. It was the perfect ending. And it reminded me of this Sticky Date Cake that I had made recently

Photo Courtesy: Sangeeta Khanna
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