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The Dirty Martini. Speakeasy at Olive Qutub. For the rebels with a cause

I am a rebel. Always have been. I've rebelled against teachers. I've rebelled against boys. I've rebelled against the folks. Infact when I was in class 5 my parents were  told that I had a problem with authority. Fact is, I still do.

I hate being questioned. I live the live and let live policy. And so I am usually the first one to speak up. I am usually the first one to sneak in that bottle of booze. I am usually the first one of break the rules.

Sometimes I am proud of it. Sometimes I am scared. But most times, I do it because I believe in myself.

Having said that I think I would have made a brilliant activist, if I wasn't so lazy (and didn't want to be online or keep cooking). I think I'd have been a perfect fit during the Prohibition period in the 1920s. I can so see myself helping people sneaking into bars, or finding ways to cover my tracks.

I suppose that's why The Dirty Martini feels quite like home to me. What's the Dirty Martini you ask me, it's the new (and maybe the only?) speakeasy-inspired bar in Delhi. Masquerading as a pub at the Olive, this bar has a lot of surprises in store for those who visit.

For example, if you were one the lucky ones, you'd be rushed inside through the kitchen entrance, to make it seem like a secret entrance, or be handed drinks in tea cups or even kullads, just to keep that element of surprise going. And be given chunks of watermelon and orange, only to figure out that they were jello shots (so fun!).

And if you behave yourself and don't be rambunctious like all of us in this picture, you'll get some of that delicious grub that gets passed around - TDM Chicken , Dive bar crostinis. Shrimp jammers, pork belly and truly the most amazing stew ( See Sangeeta's blog for the recipe) served in tea cups that will make you stop in your tracks.

As Churros and chocolate follow, there's only one thing left to say - Thank you Chef Saby for a wonderful experience and coaxing the rebel in me to come out for the night.  And having us noisy of bunch of food bloggers from across Delhi in this fun fun fun bar.

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  1. You are the rebel who knows her mind, the best combination of such traits I have seen so far. Really!!!
    The post reminds a lovely evening spent together, well said.