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Brunch at Mosaic Crowne Plaza, Rohini. Blogger's Table

There's nothing that a good spread cannot cure. Exhausted? Eat something fab and you'll feel good. Drained from that long journey? A look at the goodies across, and you're filled with happiness. That's pretty much hat happened with us at Crowne Plaza, Rohini. While it took me only an hour to get there, the others at the Blogger's Table took almost forever to get there.

I think almost as soon as I arrived, I wanted something to drink. The juice of the day  - apple, beetroot and celery seemed fitting. And boy, was I glad I'd ordered it. It was sweet, refreshing and so a-mazing that I couldn't help but drink another glass.

The best part? It was made at the juice bar, right in front of us. Refreshed, I then took in my surroundings. Spread across atleast 3000 square feet, Mosaic is a lovely restaurant that doubles up as the coffee shop and a place where you can just about unwind. Oh and nearly 70 per cent of the buffet is vegetarian since that's the clientele that come theres.

As I waited for Sushmita, Charis and Aishwarya to turn up, I decided to wander around and take photos before I actually sat down to eat. A lovely chaat counter beckoned me. I had the choice to eat at my table or hop across and eat at the chaat bar. I walked across to the counter unfortunately they only had sooji ke gappe as against the atta ones. Anyhoo some papdi chaat later, Sushmita turned up. And so we decided to turn are attention to the salad counter.

What a scrumptious spread it was. There was a make your own salad with ingredients such as radicchio, sprouts , cherry tomatoes with a range of greens and dressings. You could then choose from this yummy greek salad, asparagus with palm hearts, haricot beans with feta, spicy chickpeas and tomato salad, beetroot salad with nuts, achari mushroom salads. That was just the vegetarian bit.

In the non-vegetarian section there was the roasted tenderloin salad, smoked chicken with gherkins, prawn cocktail, sushi rolls, cold cuts and this lovely cheese board. Oh and the salad bar also had a range of tapas that included waterchestnut and beetroot, rusbhari with salsa, mushroom in balsamic confit. I thought the waterchestnut was mindblowing. Infact I loved the salad bar so much, that I had to go back for a second helping. Truly this was the best part of the meal.

We'd ordered two pizzas, a little before we'd sat. The chicken tikka pizza turned out to be quite good while the vegetarian pizza was so ho-hum. We were expecting something that the Double Tree (click here for the masterclass),  had made, instead the base was too thick and the toppings raw. No fun at all.

There were a lot of options for the main course. But the best part was how they were served. In Le Creusets. So many of them, in different colours. I was so jealous.

This one, however, was my favourite. I loved the orange ombre effect and I wanted to smuggle it home. (Why oh why do they have to be so expensive! And heavy!).

The spread for mains was lovely too. There were pastas to choose from, Indian and Chinese. The menu included some 15 things. I tried mostly the Indian - I loved the Bhuna Gosht, Dum ki arbi, Dal Makhani, Lahsuni Palak Paneer, Khajoor Malai Kofta and Soya rice. My favourite though turned out to be Kaju Matar Makhana. Totally delicious.

My brother, who'd come with me tried the Chinese and told me that was pretty good. While Aishwarya who dug into the pasta, seemed really quite happy with it. I had a bite of the Potato Dauphoinaise and really liked them.

More Le Creusets see! So jealous. We stopped eating for a bit, only to allow some space for the dessert buffet that seemed really vast and exhaustive. Sips of green tea later we were ready.

The desserts included plenty of egg-less options. I brought a few of them to the table. Neither the Orange Mousse or the Strawberry souffle were anything to write home about. Nor was the creme brulee. Too sweet, too strange. The Berry baked yogurt was delicious though. As was the chocolate fountain as well as the Omali. In fact the Omali, a kheer like Mid eastern dessert was truly a fabulous finish to the meal.

Oh and you have to see this super cute way the hotel had labelled their desserts. This is an idea, am totally stealing.

All in all, it was a lovely meal. And I can't wait to go back and try their other restaurants. Oh and see what the others had to say:

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  1. You got me at the salad bar, that was quite a scrumptious spread.. just what I need this summer. I don't even want to start thinking of the Creusets, I might just have to shift into a bigger home and start working to fund my kitchen ware shopping!!