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Brunch Table Setting. Guest Post by MBellished Life

My cousin Malvika is a super woman. She runs a business, a household, looks after two sweet kids and has an amazing fashion  and lifestyle blog called MBellished Life. Her blog has the eye on the ball when it comes to fashion trends, colours of the seasons, whats in, make up, bags, shoes - you name it, she's got it all.  Oh and she's a brilliant entertainer.

So when I asked her to do me a blog post, it had to be something pretty. This post is all about setting a 
beautiful table, because, god knows, I can do a lot with the tips she gives out.  Oh and the best part, you don't have to spend a bomb to use these ideas. So sit, back, read and enjoy the gorgeous setting ideas Malvika brings to, well, to the table. 


How to Set an Inviting Brunch Table!
By MBellished Life

Brunch is one of my favorite meals on the weekends. I love the idea of sitting around a beautifully laid table, eating a delicious meal with friends and family with no pressure of time as the whole day is ahead of us.
It’s also a wonderful time to entertain families with kids as children seem to be happier in the morning so chances of having a meltdown is lower.

While Ruchira, the Great Cookaroo, can supply some amazing recipes for brunch, I would love to share my tips to lay a beautiful and inviting brunch table for a couple of different types of entertaining scenarios.

  • ·         Seasonal Flowers or greens
  • ·         Pretty Pitchers for juice, milk or brunch cocktail
  • ·         Nice Linens – tablemats, napkins, maybe a runner or tablecloth

For a formal brunch, I really love an all-white table.White china, linens, flowers and serveware make for a visually striking and elegant table.  Either use silver or gold as an accent color. The table setting below is one of my favorites.

This is the one meal that you can really have fun with color and decor when entertaining. Here are some easy tips to set a casual yet stylish brunch table.

1. Pick a color scheme. It’s nice to pick a color scheme for your table. Either a single color or two colors together look best. For example, Turquoise blue is the dominant color on the table setting below. Linens, china, and serving pieces are all in that color scheme. The potted plants are a nice touch and add some greenery and freshness to the table.

This is a great example of using two colors for a table setting. The cheerful combination of yellow and pink is vibrant and girly.I would use this for a casual girl’s brunch.

2.. Play with patterns. I love adding patterns for visual interest on a table. It could be on your china, linens or serveware. It’s also fun to mix two patterns together like polka dots and stripes and florals with checks. The key is to keep it within the same or complimentary color scheme for cohesiveness.

I really like the mixing of patterns in the table setting below. Even though there are multiple patterns in multiple colors,  it is very cohesive and easy on the eye.

Photo Courtesy: House Beautiful
Below is a good example of a vibrant pattern on china. I like how everything else is kept simple so the china becomes the main focal point.

3. Pick a theme. I love the idea of giving your brunch table a theme. While it might be more work for the host/hostess, it is a lot of fun too.Its becoming quite common to do a brunch for a Bridal shower brunch, Baby shower or other occasions.

The table setting below is Tiffany-themed and easy to pull off with a few Tiffany signature boxes and Tiffany blue colored candy and linens.

Special Brunches

Since you are celebrating your mom, try and tailor the table setting to her personality and tastes. I love orange and pink together so the table setting below is ideal for me! Bowls of brightly colored fruit and flowers make for a pretty centerpiece.

Photo Courtesy: Style Me Pretty Blog

Photo Courtesy: House Beautiful

Same idea applies for Father’s Day. Apply your dad’s favorite colors or items while setting the table. The easiest color scheme is of course blue and white, which is very fresh and pretty too.

Photo Courtesy: Daily Dream Décor

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  1. How talented your cousin Malvika is! Beautiful post and wonderful play of colours.

  2. What a vibrant happy post this is.
    Love to Malvika..clicking to go to her blog :-)

  3. Thank you so much Ruchira for letting me write for your "awesome" blog!!!! I am touched by your introduction and feel lucky to have you for a cousin!!!!! The Great Cookaroo rocks :-)