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One year. Recap and a giveaway.

One year. I can't believe it's been a year since I've been blogging. I find the thought overwhelming and strange at the same time. I'm not very hot on milestones, in case you've noticed. Not because they don't excite me, but because I think it's a private moment of joy. But some 50,000 hits and 165 posts later, I think I've been a pretty good blogger in the last year.

And so much has happened over the last year. I remember I started blogging in a moment of despair. And even though my friend N had created the blog for me two years earlier. I started blogging because I felt vulnerable and aimless. Because I felt I had nothing much to look forward to. Because the future looked so bleak.

As the days flew by, the blog gave me purpose, and direction. I challenged myself both with photographs and food. And I met some of the fabulous people because of it. People who will remain my friend if I continue blogging or not. I realised that I had been reading a lot more because of the blog and that I was cooking aplenty too. I became a better planner and a more patient person. I earned a bit of extra money. Got a few assignments. Became a dot com (yay!).

Ofcourse this also meant that I was talking about was food. And much to the irritation of my friends, it really was the only thing on my mind. In the beginning I felt consumed by it. Wanting to make myself heard. But lately I've settled on a pace that makes me happy.  So I 'm doing a quick link back to ten of my favourite posts. These include some good food writing that I have done, some of my favourite recipes and even photographs. So here goes.

1. Coffee Ice cream. It reminds me of my dad. Everytime.

2.  Kerala cookbook. On marrying a Malayalee

3. Black Forest Trifle Pudding. I <3 the picture

4.  Rainbow cake. For my sister's birthday. I am doing another special cake for her this time. Watch out for more

5. Mango Blueberry Peach Crumble. Nobody gets to judge my friends. NOBODY

6. Raspberry Jam. And about my grandmother

7.  Sour cream and blueberry pancakes. Because I love pancakes

8. French yogurt , olive oil and lemon cake. Because the husband loves it

9. Flower pot cake. My first attempt at fondant work. Terrible pictures. And because I miss my friend

10. Meeting George and Gary. Yay!

Phew. I think I could go on and on with that recap. But. You, know it's true when they say that food bloggers are the hardest working bloggers of the lot. They have to shop, prep, cook, style, photograph, upload, write the recipe and then tell their story. Really that's quite a bit of work. So in order to celebrate, I'm doing a series of giveaways this month. Or atleast three.

My first giveaway is this book, my friend Amrita got for me. (I'm not giving away that book, but a new one to share the joy.) I totally looove this book. And have been baking a plenty from it.

This book by Julie Richardson is amazing and the photographs are to-die-for. It's been my bestside reading for the last one month and I get such lovely sweet dreams.

This giveaway is open to both bloggers and non-bloggers. And all over the world. The rules go like this though:

Like me on my Facebook Page. The Great Cookaroo
Follow me on Twitter
Follow me on Pinterest.
Leave a comment  telling me what your favourite post is on my blog.

Entries close March 8 - 11.59 pm Indian Standard Time. Winners will be announced on March 9/10 and will be chosen by a random number generator. Once the winner is announced, I will be sending an email for confirmation. If I fail to get a response in 48 hours, it'll go to the next number.

Looking forward! And thank you guys!

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  1. Happy anniversary! So pleased to see dad's cookbook here... someday you will surely have your name splashed across a cover with a photograph of something delicious :)
    Here's to another year! xx

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  3. Happy anniversary Roochie! Eat an extra bite of whatever yummy ur making on my behalf and an extra sip on the bubbly!

    Must tell you that I absolutely love visiting your space and do it very often, if not for anything else but to just DROOL!!

  4. Hi Ruchira,
    Congratulations on your blogversary. I love your blog and your recipes. My fav out of all is espresso jelly. I've liked your FB page, following you on twitter and pinterest. I would love to win this cakebook. Can never have enough of cakebook :)
    Happy Blogging,

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  6. Happy Anniversary Ruchira. Keep blogging more delicious recipes. Already following your blog and now gonna stalk you on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest too ;) Have a nice day

    Shobana Arunkumar

  7. happy anniversary!!...Its been wonderful to have met and known you know for around 6 months(??) through blogging...as you already know I am a aspiring baker and all the CAL gang's talks on food and baking and useful tips always inspire me to break baking boundaries :)

    I wont attempt the giveaway simply coz I think I have miles to go before I even attempt stuff in that book :)

  8. Oops forgot to answer your question :) My favorite from your blog is the Lebanese Chicken Skewers :) Just Fab!!!

    Shobana Arunkumar

  9. congratulations! your consistency with the blog is pretty inspiring for me.I think i liked the mango peach and blueberry crumble the most- mainly for its contents and of course the recipe!

  10. Hey Ruchi!
    Congrats on the milestone. Wishing you many more years of success in the blogging circuit :) I m a big fan of that caramelised onion jam..... yumm. And boy! what a book of cakes :)

  11. Congratulations my darling! Big milestone :) My fav post was the George and Gary one. No surprise there! :)

  12. Hey happy Anniversary for ur beautiful blog.

    I am following you on FB and twitter.

    My fav post here is Coconut Macroons.

    I wish to participate in the giveaway too.

    There is a wonderful event and a giveaway happening at my blog. Check the below link.

  13. Hi There... its been just 1 year? Wow!! Here's wishing you many more anniversaries.

    I dont have a pin-interest account, sorry! Joined you on FB and Twitter. Why had i not done that earlier?

    My favourite is "Mango Blueberry Peach Crumble", but honestly, I think all of your posts are wonderful.


  14. I can't take my eyes over that rainbow cake and cakes stands....you have nice props Ruchira....Congrats on blog anniversary....wish your blog more yum and rocking years to come....keep rocking....

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary Ruchira. Wishing you many more years of fun cooking/baking and sharing!! I love your black forest trifle pudding among many others simply because it looks so attractive and irresistible. I am your new fan on facebook. Do not have a twitter account so following you on pinterest.

  16. Happy blog Anniversary.
    Liked your FB page. Following you on twitter, Pinterest.
    My favourite is Banana Coconut Honey Ice cream.

  17. done and followed everyone... fav post meeting George and Gary, it makes me jealous but happy too :)

    PS: Hope I win ;)

  18. HI Ruchi

    My fav is the Blackforest trifle pudding.....Congrats on your first anniversary and am sure u will rock through the years !!!

  19. happy blog anniversary Ruchira...love your coffee ice cream.

  20. happy blog anniversary ruchira..............

    liked your fb , following on twitter and pinterest

    my favorite is Espresso Jelly , carrot and apple olive oil cake , carrot orange lentil soup and so on..............

  21. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Time really flies by na :)I would love to win this give away, knowing you I know this book will be worth it.
    Following you on all social mediums mentioned.
    As for the favourite post I cannot decide between the flower pot cake - this one was so natural and real, just like true friendship and coz I miss my friends too!! The second one was you meeting George and Gary - When I read you post I lived every moment, almost felt I was there! I LOVE Those guys to bits!
    Keeping fingers crossed XOXO

  22. Congratulations and celebrations....Ms dot com :-)
    I so want to hug you and need one form you too right now!!!!!

  23. Congrats on completing one year of what you seem to enjoy a lot :)! Your top 10 list seem really impressive.

  24. Hey girl congrats on the amazing blog! Love reading your posts on Facebook. My favorite so far is the Carrot Orange Lentil soup :)

  25. Frankly.. I liked ur blog, followed u on twitter and on Pinterest just to get that book. So.. I would be lying if I said that you have an amazing food blog, cos I haven't checked it out at all. But I promise I would go back and see all that you have posted.

    In a quick glance, I liked the mulled wine jam. It instantly reminded me of my late grand dad who baked and cooked passionately. I wished he was here now so that i could for a change make him watch while I baked for him.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting a picture and recipe which made me travel back in time. I miss my old man.

    May God bless the works of your hand. :)

  26. My favourite post is the triple chocolate brownie! Lost count of the number of times I've made them & fed them to grateful souls!

  27. HI Ruchira- congrats on completing the first year with great success! You have a good selection of recipes and certainly a nice write-ups so I'm sure there will be many more good years ahead:-). My favourite recipe is your pear anc chocolate muffins..already yoru follower on FB and here, i think Singapore is a bit far for the book giveaway but lets i'll join in anyways, the more the merrier!

  28. my favorite is nutella cakes, liked u on fb. count me in.

  29. Happy Blog anniversary Ruchira!! Doesn't it feel wonderful when you look back over the past year to see how your blog has evolved with all the love and effort put into it. "Delicious" wishes for many more such milestones to cross.

    I loved ur Recipe for Triple Chocolate Brownies which I will definately be trying soon as we are a house full of chocoholics!!

  30. Yay for such a wonderful milestone. It's been a wonderful and delicious journey at Cookaroo...love it all, and feel so happy to know you. You have inspired me to push my limits, try a fondant cake, make a carrot cake and so much more!That book is one after my heart. I'm in for the giveaway too. Pretty please. Anything vintage works for me...and how!! Much love dear girl.

  31. Happy Blogger-versary to my inspiration and my sort-of mentor! May you make yummy goodies and go so many more years!
    I'm so in for the giveaway! Thanks to you, I'll be trying the Ginger and Jaggery Tea cakes. I have a feeling they'll taste of winter!

    Much love love xo

  32. Hi Ruchira! I love your blog so much! the pix and the way you make the recipes sing the flavors..i think the fav recipe I hav tried out from here is hands down the Triple Chocolate Brownies..yumm they were!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151219371040546&set=a.10150155078840546.336859.525365545&type=3&theater

  33. Hi Ruchira! Congrats on your Blog Anniversary.!!
    Thanks for the Lovely Giveaway which surely I would love to win......
    I loved you Maple Granola Cupcake..!!

  34. Hi Ruchira, Congrats on ur blog anniversary and first time here. Liked and followed. Loved ur Black Forest Trifle...

  35. Hey Ruchira, Congrats on ur 1st blog anniversary....1st is always special and who wouldnt be in for this gorgeous book..looking forward to many more post on ur blog :)

  36. Hi Ruchira, congrats on your blog anniversary... first time on your blog and love your Rainbow cake...

  37. Congrats For the 1st birthday, Must've been a grand celebration for you ! Please write more on Fondant stuff and Gumpaste :p