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Pinterest Picks: Scrumptious Salad for March

Spring is here. Yes, it is. It may snowing in Europe and sweltering in Chennai, but here in Delhi, it's spring time. When the mornings are nippy and the evening so pleasant that you wish that's how Delhi is all year round. Oh and the flowers. So pretty. I have no idea what the names are, but my friend N had pointed them out to me and while I remember some - Pink blossoms, chrysanthemums, dahlias.

It's also the time when you know that you're going to bid goodbye to the best produce in the market. No more fresh lettuce, no more juicy red carrots and no more cauliflower (oh but thank god for that). So before it's all over, I've been wanting to make some of these awesome salads that I found on Pinterest.

Which is why, for this months Pinterest Picks, I've put out the salad that I want to make this spring. Because they look and sound just awesome.

1.  Harissa Carrot Salad with feta

2.  Argula, mango and avocado salad

3. Chicken Bahn-mi Salad

4. Roasted beet and carrot salad

5. Korean Cucumber Salad

6. Watermelon, basil and tomato salad

7. Chickpea and tomato salad

8.  Soba noodle salad

9. Blueberry and spinach salad

10.  Chinese Chicken Salad

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  1. These are a feast for the eyes....gorgeous!!

  2. I think I am going to make one of them tomorrow.. cannot figure out which one!

  3. Ruchira.. Each and every post of yours makes me drool.. Dont care if its veggies or some non-veg dish that I will never have in this life, it doesnt matter. Instantly Im taken into another world. Kudos with your blog! And yes, while at it, I would like to try my hand with your second give away.. Those knives do look awesome!

  4. Ruchira.. Good collection of Salads. They look delectable for a salad! :)

  5. Awesome choices, will definitely try some of them.


  6. Brilliant salad selection Ruchi!! by the way there s an event centered on Spring going on at my place. Link up if you find it interesting.

  7. salads are my fav part of the meals!!!.......the chickpea and tomato salad is so yummy looking!!!!

  8. Thank you Ruchira for including me! I appreciate it! I love all of your picks...real feast for the eyes!