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Pinterest Picks: Sucker for Lemon this April

Tart. Tangy. Puckering. A lemon is all that and more. This spring, do away with those heavy chocolate desserts and eat something refreshing. Lemon is a great option in both sweet and savoury cooking. I've picked out 10 best dessert options you can make this April in Pinterest Picks, just so that you know there's so much in the still to try out in this world.

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1. Lemon Meringue Pie - in a jar

2. Lemon Pancakes

3. Lemon Fro-yo

4. Lemon Pannacotta with Lemon Marmalade

5.  Lemon Trifle Pudding

6. Lemon Tea Cake

7. Lemon Gelato

8. Coconut Lemon bar

9.  Lemon Icebox pie

10. Lemon Delicious

Oh and the Urban Dazzle and Cookaroo is still on. If you'd like to win a set of six of gorgeous mini pie plates, click here for entering.

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  1. lemony april it is :)

    will try out easier !!


  2. Dear Ruchira,

    Came across your profile in twitter.I am so glad that technology helps us in connecting with so many lively and like minded people. It is surely a great way to start the week with some lemony treats.
    I have to acknowledge that you have a wonderful space. Keep Blogging and keep the foodie spirits up !!
    Have a fabulous week ahead ......
    And before I forget .......... I am a happy follower of urs. So U will find me hanging around often here :D


  3. How inspiring. I love Pinterest, and I LOVE your picks!!