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Fun Kitchen stuff that I want. Like Now

I love love love gadgets. Whether they are useful, or just a fad or plain cute, I have to have 'em. If I'm lucky I am given a butter curler or a nice new soup bowl by my friends.  But it doesn't matter where I spot them I have to have 'em. 

Yesterday, while trawling around I found this Tea cup that made me want it that moment and the scooter pizza cutter which called out to me the moment I clicked on them. And then I couldn't stop looking. So I collected a few of the things I found including the Popcorn maker (which I know has no business in this list but it's just the cutest) which I thought I must show to everyone.

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  1. These are so adorable :) Love the cherry chomper! Such a cute name too :)

  2. Awesome stuff... Where can I find these things?

  3. Where do I buy all this?? They are so tempting to be used...

  4. Oh these are amazing!! Where is this available?? In India?? You live in India??

    1. I do live in india. but i think the links are the best bet

  5. where can we buy these? they are super cool

  6. OMG these are all so adorable. Christmas will be here soon Ruchira, then maybe your secret santa can fulfill a few of your wishes.

  7. The happy face pancake maker is SO cool.. drool..

  8. my favorite is the tea cup....since am mad mad tea person!!