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Mistral Grill. Review

I am always intrigued with places that have a different menus for lunch and dinner.  I think it could go either way. Either you're cheating the lunch people of the yummy things you've designed for dinner. Or that you have chefs who've got so many ideas that it's difficult to miss any.

I'd like to believe the latter. Only because I'd like to think I've made the right choice. That said, at the newly launched Mistral Grill in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, you know you've hit jackpot when you walk in for lunch.

Located next to PVR Director's Cut and owned by the good people of PVR (the Bijlis), Mistral Grill is divided into three sections . One a semi-private PDR, two a lounge where you can sit and sip from the vodka bar and third a noisy albeit cheery cafe area.

By default we were seated next to the open kitchen, in the cafe. And even though it was spectacularly noisy since it was a Sunday, it felt nice to be able to see people rushing around.

We ordered from the juice bar first. Pineapple and celery for me and watermelon strawberry cooler for my sister.  It was so hot that what I really wanted was a nice salad. Mistral has a gorgeous salad menu and wanted to eat everything. But instead, I ordered Rock Melon and Ham salad, my favourite and a while later went on to order the warm goat's cheese salad. Both the salads were quite lovely. I liked the parmesan cheese bits that they had served with the rock melon salad.  I also ordered the bhutte ke tikki which was really very nice

The rest decided to order their mains almost as soon as they sat down. The husband ordered the lamb chops with bbq sauce with a side of mashed potatoes, the brother-in-law the Mistral BLT which included an oak smoked bacon and black truffle mayo and the sister the chicken thighs with bbq sauce. And there was a pepperoni pizza that we ordered for all of us to nibble from. And I the persian chicken kebab

The lamb was exceptional. Falling off the bone and bbq sauce was just excellent, tart and sweet really like beautiful. The chicken was slightly dry but the pizza was really quite nice. I liked the crust and  they'd used some good quality cheese. And the persian kebabs were so succulent that I couldn't believe I was eating chicken. So tender and full of delicate flavours, this was really my favourite dish from their whole repertoire.

The sandwich was extremely delayed, either they'd forgotten our order or they just had their hands full. We couldn't quite make out. My problem though was with the service. It was very hard to catch the eye of any of the waiters, and we had to flag them down several time even to get something as basic as pepper.

When the sandwich did finally arrive, the brother-in-law was extremely dissatisfied. I took a bite and I loved the sandwich. Turned out he didn't like the taste of the smoked bacon, but I thought that was the piece de resistance.

For dessert we opted to eat the crumble - granny smith apple and lovely bits of oats  served with ice cream and the toffee banoffee. The crumble took ages to come, and we were told later that it was because the oven had a bit of a problem but when it did come it was rather nice. What wasn't was the toffee banoffee, infact if it wasn't for my banana obsessed sister I think we'd have never ordered it. I would recommend you don't either. The dish does not live up to its description at all.

The thing is I know what they were trying to do, a deconstructed banoffee pie, it just fails miserably unfortunately because the caramelised bananas and the dulce de leche taste messy and the cigarallo is way too oily and there's just too much. All in all a disaster.

Having said that, Mistral Grill has barely been open for 2 months, so they will have some hiccups. Would I go back? Yes I definitely would, especially for the persian kebabs and the salad. But I'd wait a bit, till they get their service act together and figure out what works for them.

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  1. hmmm....as a veggie should I go???