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Pinterest Picks: Pies for June

I love pies. And I have been wanting to post a pie pick for over six months. Last month when I finally decided I was going to post the pies and tarts off my board called Pie me a river, I had to really stop myself from going crazy. Especially since the Daring Bakers were pies too this month (but watch out for that post tomorrow)

These pies, my friends, are pies I want to bake, pies that I want to eat and pies that I want to take with me to bed. Ofcourse this would also mean that I'd have to bake a lot, and could that be more fun or what! Oh and please note these are dessert tarts and pies, I'm going to leave the savoury ones for another pick later.

Anyhoo, here's my top 10 pick off my board and if you aren't following me on Pinterest, please to be doing so.

1.  Cherry and Coconut Pie

2. Chocolate glazed chocolate tart

3. Apricot and Almond tart

4. Strawberry Pie

5. Mississippi Mud Pie 

6. Mini cherry pies

7. Key Lime Pie

8. Blueberry Hand pies

9. Pina Colada Icebox Pie

10.  Fig and berry tart

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