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Chocolate Mango Pudding Jar

I've been feeling very bummed for the last couple of days. Yeah, pretty much out of sorts that even dessert doesn't cheer me up. No, wait. It does cheer me up.

Especially if you're creating something from leftovers.

So I'd baked a cake for an eight-year-old and had bits of the pudding I had frosted it with as well as some of the cake leftover. And as much as I wanted to eat it whole, I realised I was feeling slightly fruity (quite literally). With a bunch of mangoes lying around the house, I remembered a gateaux I'd eaten many moons ago.

With the last of the mangoes sitting in my fridge, it was time to in make a trifle of sorts. A pudding in a jar maybe? Something cold end refreshing yet with a lovely mouth-feel on this super sultry day.

I know that mangoes and chocolate sound like a disaster, but the truth is they taste pretty darn good together. If you have some langdas (I don't know their English name) lying around, then my friend you've hit home. These mangoes have a distinct flavour that nothing can mask and taste just about phenomenal with everything.

I used a bit of liquor in my pudding to moisten the cake and a couple of dollops of cream which made this dessert really delectable. With mangoes and chocolate in each bite, I was totally hooked. I couldn't stop licking the spoon and by the end of the making my jars, I'd eaten up two nice jars of the pudding and one whole mango. And that was dinner.

Did I feel better at the end of the day? I think so. You see, pudding can cure any kind of blues, you just need to figure out what kind you've got :)

Chocolate Mango Pudding 
Makes 4

100 grams Chocolate cake - leftover
(I'd used this recipe)
150 grams Chocolate pudding - leftover
(I used this recipe)
100 ml fresh cream
2 mangoes
4 tblsps chocolate liquor / hot chocolate


1. In the jar/ ramekin/ dish of you choice crumble in the chocolate cake and press it down with a spoon. Spoon chocolate liquor all over it.
2. Spoon in some mangoes to create, beautiful yellow layer.
3. Spoon 3 tblsps of fresh cream over it.
4. Spoon in generous helpings of the chocolate pudding
5. Top with more fresh mangoes and drizzle on another spoon of fresh cream.
6. Let it chill for 1 hour before serving.

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