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I was late. So very late. Considering I lived barely 15 minutes from The Hilton Janakpuri, I should have been the first one there. Unfortunately, the pot-holed roads and the one-way traffic ensured I reached 45 minutes late. Aaargh..

The others from the Blogger's Table were waiting for me. And had been slowly but surely polishing off all the freshly baked bread (read ciabatta and focaccia) that was magically replenishing each time the bread basket showed a hint of dying out. That with a beautiful basil pesto and a sun-dried tomato dip.

It almost seemed like a collective sigh of relief was heaved, when I sat down and then the lunch began.

Two kinds of bruschetta made their way out - Tomato, garlic, basil  and parmesan and then the Olive and artichoke toastie.  As a bruschetta lover, I loved the tart-sweetness and the pungency of the former one as against the tart-tartness of the latter. And despite trying to stay off the carbs, I did eat it whole.

Since the menu was pretty much divided into the whole anitpasti-entree-main rigmarole, I opted to eat the mozarella and tomato salad which was served with a generous helping of the argula. I loved the balsamic reduction that came with it, and even asked for more. The bocconcini was absolutely divine, you could taste how beautifully fresh the cheese was and the tomatoes which seemed partially sundried made the salad quite delectable. The fish lovers meanwhile ordered the warm squid and prawn salad with brown butter which was super fishy because of the anchovies, but I have to say that the prawn was a beautiful juicy specimen.

While the minestrone soup was up next, I did request to skip this course, but fortunately (or not!) the waitstaff brought out a bowl for me. With a generous helping of parmesan, the soup was quite lovely. Except I wanted to not fill myself up with it. And also I'm not a big fan of minestrone soup, but the bite from the vegetables made up for it all.

The pizza Pomodoro was brought out next. Lots of veggies and a bit of cheese. But it was ok. Not great. And not a patch on the pizza that Chef Theo had taught us at Hilton last year. (read that post here). It lacked character and the tomato concasse was somewhat heavier on the spice, perhaps making it more palatable for the gentry around. But truly this was the least favourite of my options.

My favourite dish from the Pomodoro's repertoire was brought out next - Slow cooked lamb ragout with pecorino cheese and red wine. The ragout was so delicious that I felt it didn't even need any of the rigotini in it. The flavours from the tomato and the lamb melded beautifully together.

By now I was done. Like really done. But the mains still had to come out. I'd opted for the Grilled vegetables with creamy polenta while Rekha ordered the risotto, Sid and Mukta the lamb and Aishwarya and Charis the Pan seared Salmon.

My polenta was lovely but not a patch on the lamb ragout. I wish I'd got more of that.

Dessert finally and tiramisu it was. Quite a sad tiramisu too. Too much mascarpone, too little sponge and even less coffee. I was like waaaaa. For an Italian restaurant to screw-up on the Tiramisu is totally not right. It's like not sending Salman Khan to jail.

I did order an espresso just to see whether it would change the way the dessert would taste. And yes it did.

I had a great time at the restaurant. There was plenty of banter, lots of chatter and so much laughter that people would have been scared to approach our table. But the food? I'd give it 7 on 10. I would however give the hotel 6 on 10 for the garish decor and the smelly loos. Not happening for a 5-star.

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