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Rainbow food. For Pinterest Picks for July

Monsoon. Dreary, wet and sloppy monsoons. Most years I love the wet weather. Stamping in wet puddles, carrying my umbrella, eating corn on the cob on the side of the road. Heck I even love all the water pours into the passenger seat each time I turn. My leaky Santro that sees me through the water-logged roads of the city. Yes, it's all good.

But this year, it's been raining for days. Some days there's no sun at all.  So in lieu of all that, I decided to concentrate on the rainbow. Quite literally. So for this month's Pinterest Picks, I'm presenting super fun Rainbow food that will uplift spirit, mood, emotion or what-have-you-not. Just like this rainbow cake I'd made for my sister's b'day a year ago. Like a pot of gold right?

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1. Cookie over a cup

2. Pancake stack

3. Cake in a jar

4.  Jello shots

5. Cupcake fun

6. Ice cream!

7.  Fruit and cookie stack

8.  Cake pops

9. Popsicle

10. And finally cake!

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  1. All kind of gorgeous rainbow desserts...It is a happy day!