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The Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Review

When I started reading food blogs properly in 2008 (yes I jumped on that wagon rather late) one of the first blogs I read was Deb's otherwise known as Smitten Kitchen.

Her style was easy, quick and most definitely of someone who was self-taught - something I could identify with immediately. I liked the stories she told. I loved the food she made and I adored that she did all the cooking from a match-box sized kitchen in Manhattan.

So when her book finally came out, I knew I had to have it. So desperate was I for a piece of Smitten Kitchen in my overflowing bookshelf that I actually pre-ordered it. And I wasn't wrong to have done that. Because I fell in love with the book.

Firstly, it was a nice and chunky book. Not some pea-sized, thinly hardcovered rubbish. Which meant so many recipes. And so many stories. Which also meant that I could take my time going over the book and marking out all that I wanted to try.

Now, whenever I get a new book, I sit with a bunch of post-its to mark out all I want to make from it. And trust me when I say this, but I marked out at least 90 per cent of the book. Divided into roughly 10 chapters - the book starts with a whole preface that is totally worth reading. Filled with tips and do-overs I think this is the favourite part of my book.

Or not. I think it was the chapter titled Breakfast. Or was it Party snacks and Drinks. Or Sweet Things. Basically I loved it all.

The recipes Deb's chosen aren't something that will make you run into a speciality store every time you want to make something. Most of her ingredients are pantry-staples (that is, if you're like me) and she's made it a point not to use very expensive ingredients. And I think that is just such a fabulous idea.

The photographs are beautiful. As are the anecdotes that do with them. Deb hasn't skimped on anything and I think that's what makes it a book that is great for some bedside reading as well.

So far off the book I've tried only three things - almond and date breakfast bars, wholewheat raspberry ricotta scones and the ricotta and lemon olive oil cake. And I have to say everything has turned out just excellent.

I know this is a slightly expensive book, but trust me, it's really a book worth having in your repertoire.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman is available in India, US and UK

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  1. Its always nice to buy books after reading their reviews and especially if the reviews are done by friends as you know you can take their word for it.Based on your recommendation I bought Dorie Greenspan's book "from my home to yours" and can't thank you enough as I absolutely love the book.
    The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook goes next on my list!!

  2. Oh I love love her blog. For the stories, for the recipes and those no frill pictures. So glad to know the book is even better, I mean a tangible thing that you flip through for hours :-)

  3. Deba was one of the early blogs I discovered too...left me smitten! I didn't want to read your review... sigh! Another book I want! What a great review. Delicieux!