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Fratelli Wines. At Set'Z.

I don't remember much about this afternoon. I do remember how wet it was and that incessant pouring had resulted in major traffic situations. I also remember giggling. Like a lot of giggling. And that, I bet was thanks to all the delicious wine we'd been drinking through lunch.

Photo Courtesy: Charis Alfred Bhaginanthan

This wasn't the first time that we were doing food and wine pairings, this was however, the first time the wine was so good, that you'd forget to only sip it ladylikely but instead swig it in a rather ungainly way. But that apart, the wines from Fratelli were really very delicious.

It all started with a chilled glass of Fratelli's Chenin Blanc. Crisp, fresh and fruity this was a wine that I just couldn't stop drinking. It paired very beautifully with the cheese platter (that included cheddar, goat's cheese and feta) and I suppose with the Asian Bao as well.

Waiting for more peeps, I'd already downed a glass of this beautiful wine, when we moved to a different table and served the Chardonnay. This wine smelt beautiful like a Granny Smith apple and was extremely smooth, almost buttery. It paired very well with the prawn, raw mango mint and spring onion oriental salad. I did like this wine, but preferred the Chenin Blanc over it.

With the whites out of the way, the reds were brought out rather grandly.The Cabernet Franc-Shiraz was poured out first. This half and half wine - half Cabernet Franc and half Shiraz is a wonderful wine which smells like fruit. And well, has an aftertaste of some too.

The next wine was the Sangiovese. This is easily my favourite wine from the entire Fratelli gamut. This is a wine I like to drink, to gift and to cook with. I love the aftertaste of vanilla in this wine and totally love the mouth-feel. I love how it sits on the palate and is so smooth to drink. This wine worked beautiful paired with the humble pizza as well.

Next was the Merlot. Now here's the thing, I am not a big Merlot fan. I don't like the way it smells, I also have never liked the after taste. But Fratelli's Merlot is an exception. Rich-bodied and well-balanced this is a really good wine (but not better than the Sangiovese) and paired well with the Yakitori that the chef was serving.

Finally, the wine we'd all been really called out to taste (read drink). The Sette was opened much earlier during the lunch, allowed to breathe in the decanter and finally served to us as the piece de resistance. And it was gorgeous. A combination of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese which has been barrel-aged for 14 months, is a wine that is luxurious and divine. With a delicate vanilla flavour at the end, this was the perfect finish to a lovely meal.

Ofcourse a dessert wine was greatly missed, since Set'Z offered a lovely selection of desserts at our table including french hearts and eclairs. But by then, the giggling had commenced. Charis and Mukta couldn't stop smiling and Parul was a happy camper, bringing the fun afternoon to an end.

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