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Review I Dessert Bar at The Suryaa. Meeting Patissier Nitin Upadhyay

It's not everyday that you get to meet someone who can hold a conversation with such passion and zeal that it totally floors you. And yet so humble that you cannot believe you're sitting in front of someone so talented.

Patissier Nitin Upadhyay is one such man. A man known for his skills with chocolate and incredible magic he creates out of butter, sugar and flour.

Patissier Nitin Upadhyay with GM of Suryaa Pankaj Mathur

As a visiting chef at The Suryaa, Nitin has been busy creating some exquisite desserts for Delhi-ites that shows off his artistry and creativity. 

Over cups of tea, he described his experiences with dessert, including the fact that he has never ever tasted a creme brulee, because he's afraid it just might be too eggy. And however hard I tried to convince him of the opposite, he still stuck to his gun

At the Suryaa he's curated a whole new dessert menu including financiers, nanaimo bars, whiskey torte and beautiful puddings and pannacottas. He's also introduced a whole range of desserts that are baked straight in the oven including crumbles, tarts and strudels. Plus he's made the display case so pretty that you just can't help stop and gape at the beauties those desserts are. 

Us lucky few got to try a few of his creations, including a beautifully light Tiramisu and a rich chocolate whiskey cake and the Nanaimo bar. And if you'd like to try some too, head over super quickly to Ssence at the Suryaa and devour their dessert menu.

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