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Review I Depot 29

Depot 29 equals waffle heaven.

There I said it. I've been keeping this inside me for a while and I really really needed to say that. Because these waffles are to-live-for (to-die-for is so passe, this is the right thing to say). These waffles are what you want to wake up next to each morning, these waffles are what you want to take to bed each night. Because they ARE just that good.

I don't know whether you remember this book - "What Katy Did", but there's a bit about Katy going to boarding school and the morning before they start school her cousin sits in the hotel and orders crisp waffles one after the other. Those waffles, if I recall correctly, were buttery and pillowy yet crunchy on the outside. These waffles are exactly like that.

Which is why each time I've gone to Depot 29, I've ended up ordering waffles - either savoury or sweet or both- as a part of my meal.

The first time I went to Depot 29, it was barely a few days old. So while they had a few hits, there were misses that my friend and I couldn't help but point out.

The second time however, I dropped in just for their Banana waffle with toffee sauce and it was as delicious as ever.

The third time though, we sat down for a big meal.

The meal started with the watermelon and feta salad, something I love very much, but had an unexpected twist to it with the addition of pickled ginger. The ginger brought out a lovely piquancy to the salty feta and somehow made the watermelon which seemed cured, even sweeter. A win-win for me.

Depot 29 is also building a good reputation for their tacos and quesadillas, so we tried the pulled pork taco and the shrimp and bacon taco with the mango salsa. The pulled pork taco tasted very nice, but I didn't care for the beans in it, instead I think it would done better with some picco de gallo and a dollop of sour cream instead. Also it wasn't saucy enough and the soft to taco itself was very dusty, I mean with too much flour, which really ruined the whole thing for me.

The shrimp and bacon taco, however, was a winner all the way. The shrimps were grilled perfectly and the saltiness of the bacon worked wonderfully against the fresh sweetness of the mango salsa. But for the heavy hand on the flour.

Next up was the lamb and habanero burger which came with pickled beets and onions and a side of onion rings. The lamb was cooked medium to well-done, which is perfect for the Indian palate and spiced well. What surprised you the most however was the way the habanero worked its way up for that sudden kick where you actually felt that your mouth was on fire. So fun.

I also want to mention the jackfruit burger is a-mazing. As is the vada pav.

But word of advice, don't order the onion rings. They are outright terrible. So oily, that your tongue is coated with oil instead of the crunchiness of the flour coating and so limp that you know you've seen better. The thing is I understand that onions rings are hard to get right, but if you've tried over and over, just buy the frozen kind, they'll save you all kinds of heartache.

The other dish I regret ordering was the Pumpkin souffle, which fyi, was not a souffle at all, but a kind of a roulade. I love all things pumpkin, but this was completely misleading. Instead of being light and billowy, it was dense and well, terrible. There were no flavours of pumpkin and absolutely no flavours of the cheese that should have stood out. What was the saving grace though, was the sweet potato mash, which if I have my way the next time around, I will order by the plateful and devour.

Our order of the savoury waffle was next, and we chose the bacon and eggs option. Which was terrific. I just wish there was a side of the cream cheese or a hollaindaise sauce to work in all the flavours together. We were given a chipotle sauce with it, which was nice, but not quite the thing to tie it together.

And finally, the moment we were waiting for - the sweet waffles. We did a half and half - half chocolate giundaja and half banana toffee. I've already waxed eloquent about them waffles, but I can't stop talking about them, because sometimes they come in my dreams.

I have to point out a few things that Depot 29 has got wrong. The seating is off. Two people sitting diagonally across from each other, is just wrong. A table for two cannot become a table for four. And as cute as those cutting chai glasses are for the guacamole, they are highly inconvenient to eat out of.

The last time I went, they'd just got their bar license sorted. Which means the cocktails are now pouring. But that's not why I'm going back, I'm going back for them waffles.

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